I’m a self acclaimed Philosopher and Academic. Currently a Graduate student pursuing a Masters in Education.

Blogging my thoughts and musings serves many purposes for me. For one, it opens my mind up to the community of bloggers and readers so as I can get feedback on thoughts, and thus continue the cycle of thought. Second, it gets my thoughts down so I can remember them and review them myself. It lastly, saves my social media followers from the walls of text I like to post when I “get in one of those moods.”

“Penny for  your thoughts,” was chosen as a title due to the first reasoning. It’s humanistic, and openly inviting. It says humbly “these are my thoughts, but I am so eager for your feedback that I would pay you for them.”

Hopefully, there is something here for everyone, and if not, let me know!


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Penny for your thoughts....? Do share them here!

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