Radical Change


My muse is gone. I typed up this shit only to have it dissapear into a void once I clicked “publish” and only the image go through.

Radical Change. Rosa Parks, Ghandi, the like. I can not remember much more.

All I know is I desire in the deepest of my being to be the one to cry “The Earth is Round!” in an era where doing so is insane. Something so drastic and shattering.

I can not settle for less. I will not be The Simple Man.

Help. A Penny for Your Radical Thoughts? What must be done in today’s era that one person can do, and which everyone fears doing?


Cosplay women: The comments


Photography David Ngo

It’s never the articles on issues of slut shaming that interest me. The lack of sources, the bullish agendas, the stretching of accusations… I don’t give it a second look. It’s the comments.

The article: huff post women, as usual

Followed by the usual:
“She’s asking for it.”
“You wouldn’t let your daughter dress like that.”
“Live with it.”
“It’s a crowded area, what do you expect?”
And the like.

Do I think the photo taking is a problem? No. Public area, photography isn’t illegal. Slander or misusing it is. Sure.

Groping, is an issue. Look with your eyes, not with your hands. Common sense.

Treating a woman like a sexual object because she shows skin, is.

All in all, C.B.F. Dress how you want. Look, don’t touch. Am also tired of this being talked about so much, and so little action. As one commentor boasted: ” we had our heads bashed in for standing up for women.”

This has been your feministic post of the month. Same thing, over and over, ain’t it?

Penny for your Thoughts?

Random P.S: Legalize prostitution!

Music, consciousness, Eastern vs. Western philosophy

I cannot pretend to have a solid topic in mind today. They race with concept from meditation to the influences of the arts on the psyche. 

Something particularly striking my mind is the division between Western and Eastern philosophies. Thanks to a mind and body meditation book lent by a friend this past week. I seem to be trapped in a Western mindset and dead set on believing I am right. Could I be wrong?

Of course I could.

Like our medicinal practices, I believe in a material world. I believe the body is a material thing, and consciousness likewise restricted to the physical composition of the brain as a piece of matter. I see scientific studies, tests, and neuroscience in-dept CAT scan observations and cannot help but use these to support my predisposition.

However, even Western studies has to concede to Quantum physics and its metaphysical applications. Energy, spins, fields, waves. Everything seems to operate on a deeper level than what we see. Does this mean that the universe is not a material thing? Well, the material exists. Particles are material, they do their business due to their relation with other particles. This thing called “energy” is hardly some mysterious unseen force guiding the universe that we can extrapolate to supernatural processes.

But are we merely a hunk of meat? My empirical philosophy leads me to think yes. My deeper psyche wants desperately to say no. 

What do all my above title topics have in common? I do not know. All I know is I am a Philosopher, therefore I think and toil over such things. 

So, I must open it up to discussion. As no one learns anything by being trapped in their own thoughts. 

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

Taking of innocent life




For the past few days, my neighborhood has been in shock. Three reckless men, one as young as 19, robbed a local bank and took 3 hostages.

One, a mother, just going into draw out money, lost her life while being used as a human shield. Her 12-year old daughter watched from the car while Misty was first taken as a hostage.

Usually, I try to ignore the news. So much gets reported and twisted that I block it out lest the negativity overwhelm me. This was too close to home, and too destructive.

I had a couple come in to my work to eat. As they left, they left a beyond generous tip and asked in return to make it if possible, or to at least spread the word about a candlelight vigil for the deceased hostage. I was too moved by her desperation and community empathy to respond adequately. All I could do was spread the word.

There is something horrifying about reckless taking of innocent lives. Yes, there is a horror towards premeditated and war, but this is quite different. Random, sudden, and without regard for human life.

3 suspects raced through our neighborhood armed with assault rifles, riddling police vehicles with bullets as well as some local businesses.

I can’t quite adequately reflect on this. Only share.

But a penny for your thoughts. If you will. Even though loss happens all around us in many forms, we can all still stop to reflect.



As a philosopher and vegetarian/animal-lover, I often get accused of doing this. The word carries a negative connotation, as if illogical. In my thoughts, I am merely observing and putting on words. I make comparisons to human nature only because we seem to be the epitome of the height of evolutionary potential. In reality (as I observe it), we only carry traits that have made of survival so dominant as a species on this vast planet of life forms.

Admittedly, I stem much of this from being a cat purist. That is, I prefer pure breeds from a line of non-feral cats. I’ve long observed the differences between multiple pure breeds and feral/mutt types. There is a marked intelligence, and ability to communicate through action and verbal sounds their needs and wants. Whereas non long  domesticated lineages are more simple, more survival driven.

However, the most recent studies on more higher creatures appears to also make such comparisons. Stress in lower tiered in their tribe monkeys affects their immune systems similarly to a poverty level working human. Elephants mourn and appear to recognize themselves in a mirror.

Why? Why the comparisons?

We all are evolved creatures. At one point in time, humanity was a simple creature fighting for simple survival along with other predator creatures. We were all, once, on a level fighting plain. We rose in our own fashion, while others did the same.

But, those are just a portion of my thoughts and I must digress.

You form your own conclusions based off of the information you obtain. Perhaps, entirely different in interpretation.

What are they? Penny for your thoughts?

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Confession: I judge you


Forgive me, largefamiliesonpurpoae.com people. But I hate you.

Hate is such a strong word. But when I see Christian families with 3+ children, I have this evil reaction inside of me. I can only call that boiling of blood, gall, and stomach acids hate.

Oh, I also hate you young Christians with your happy little virgin weddings. I judge you and think you are retarded.

Phew. That’s off my shoulders.

OK, so there are most likely personal reasons that I just impose onto everyone else as my own blind biases, so before the flaming and hurt from Facebook and church friends ensues I will name my biases, cognitive dissonance, and mirroring out front. Perhaps it will be cathartic and I will stop cringing every time you announce you are pregnant, again, or engaged to your lovely pure wife:

1. Did that whole virgin marriage. It sucked. I look back on it like “wow was I dumb” and do the same to all of you. As magical as you think your wedding night will be, in the sheer reality and statics of “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” logic, you will hate it. (Ensue “intimacy arguments below. You know you want to.)

2. I miscarried my only pregnancy and have trouble conceiving. Therefore, I hate you and your 5th baby. Share damn it.

3. Idiots populate way too easily, and the smartest people I know are refusing to populate the world. Ever seen ” Idiocracy”? Yeah, it’s what I think.

So sorry. Not sorry if you’re either dumb, or on the Jesus-freak no-logic/reason train.

I know I’m not alone, and I know also a lot of flame and personal examples will ensue. Soooo….

Penny for your thoughts?

Supernatural quirks


We all have the, I’m sure. Little things we do that have supernatural backgrounds. We do them because of our culture, or perhaps just because everyone else does and old habits die hard.

Me, I finally shook the “god” part but just can’t seem to find an alternative for “bless you!” after a sneeze. It just seems rude, no matter what the origin.

Others don’t make as a much sense. Did you know black cats are still the hardest to find homes? I like to boast at times of wanting to brave and wave in the face of the supernatural. Just for curiosities sake. Live exorcism? Yes please!

For the sake of being brief, I’ll list me own absurd quirks and see what everyone can add, or comment:

– I don’t pick up a penny when it’s face down.
– I throw salt over my should when spilled.
– You could not pay me to do Bloody Mary in a mirror.
– Same with a Ouji board, can’t be in the same house with one.
– My husband had a dream when he was little of Pennywise the Clown saying if he ever slept in his parents room, he’d kill him. I plan on burning that part of the house when/if it’s left to us and never sleeping in that area of land.

Silly. I know. Fear based, yes. I do proudly own a black cat though. Mom calls him my familiar. 😉

What about you? Do you truly believe yours crossing? Think they’re silly? Have any alternatives or opposite a to action new quirks?


Little people


My post isn’t about drugs or sex. Yeah, it weirds me out that young people do it but that’s mainly because I lived a good Christian life until I got married at 21 and wondered what the hell I’ve been doing with my life.

No. If there’s any one thing I am passionate about and want to leave a ripple of change towards its in our little people’s minds.

Ironically, I don’t want to be in under a collegiate studies. But it it so ironic? I see the problem starting with our next generations mentors. The grown ups. We simple aren’t investing enough in the next generation of our nation.

Yes, that’s mainly America. We have to enforce laws such as “don’t smoke in the car with your baby” cause people are dumb enough to so so. Then we make things like common core or sexual freedom at a young age from their parents because….. Well, shit they’re having sex that young anyway. Parents will only fuck things up because too many can’t allow the teenage stage to be what it is.

Worst yet, the young adults I seek to teach have to go into immense amounts of debt to learn.

Don’t even get me started on the privileges we allow in the name of religion. I wasn’t allowed to have sex ed growing up because of it. When I asked mom what sex is, she handed me a kids biology book which told me nothing. Boy oh boy did that marriage night suck.

I could rant on, but I’ll digress.

What are your qualms with education (and where do you hail from)?
If you have kids, your rearing preferences?

Thoughts on all?

Work hard play hard

A mantra to live for.

Except when work is too slow to work hard enough. Every server’s had that day. Sometimes they stay and just plain get jaded into just standing around and not working (how often can you clean every thing ?). So, another thing happens, you get that rare and magical offer “you can go home if you want.”

The “If you want” ends up ringing in my head and eating away at my conscious as I drive. Regret. Guilt. The clearing thought of “oh my god my manager’s going to get the impression that I don’t want to work and that I’m that one person they can always call off on slow days! Stupid stupid stupid!”

Can’t turn back.

So what’s the message? It’s not a #serverproblems post.

Work hard, play hard. If you can’t work as hard as you wish you could play hard, and turn it into work.

As I continued driving further away, my mind soared at this and jotted down topics and scenes and characters to write about. The Hobby Lobby fiasco anyone? Next time maybe.

For now, a penny for your thoughts or whatever it’s worth to you?

“Normal/Real” you keep using that word….


Women’s rights, humanists, equalizers, whatever you want to call them. We’ve seen these words used often. Particularly “real”.

Maybe it’s the disgustingly hot summer weather I slept through last night, or being with out central air (like a brat, I know). Maybe it’s my life situation and I’m just cranky…..

But today, this ad pissed me off: real men underwear ads

Sure, photo shopping can suck a big you-know-what. Airbrushing is retarded. But…. I don’t read that hatred in these kinda of articles.

I read almost…. Fit shaming. Fit, skinny people aren’t real people somehow. People who work hard for their bodies to look a certain way aren’t “real”.

Point of the article? Perhaps not. Do ads often put unreal expectations on what looks good? Sure. But a chiseled body, or a skinny person is just as real and a representation of the human body.

So let’s use a different word maybe?

Or am I just cranky and selfishly enjoy the eye-candy male underwear ads in a way that says ” you’re what’s wrong with society”.