I’m not too much a fan of self-promotion, but I figure if I do really wish to publish I will need to become comfortable with it. Either way, I will make this quick.

I have approximately 600 pieces of poetry written over the span of 13 years to format into a book. They cover stages of my life so beyond who I am now that it frightens me sometimes. But, it is a part of who I am and was and I am lucky to have such pieces still intact to look back on and find context.

The first post is a tribute to Nikki Hendricks who has been a great inspiration to my life since our meeting. She has taken on the project of putting her artistic pieces together before me. So I would be a horrible liar to say that my project was of my own initiative. I am totally copy catting her.

So check her out as well.


5 thoughts on “Promotion

  1. Good for you (: you should promote yourself! I just finished writing my first novel…I’m hoping to copyright it and try to find a publisher >.<

  2. Love the look and feel of your new blog! Congratulations. Can’t wait until your beautiful book is on my shelves (or my Kindle, or whatever other device it ends up on!).

    For self-publishing, I’ve used in my “other” life and found them to be quite good … however, I have absolute faith that you’ll find the best way for you. XXXXX

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