Is Marijuana really safe?

Is it?

Is it?

Is it really?

I am neither anti- nor pro-drugs, let me say that first. I live my life pro-choice, believing strongly that it is one’s right to do with oneself what one wishes. However, I am unsure of how safe it is to tout certain mind-altering drugs as entirely safe.

Amongst humanity there is the negatively connoted reality of mental disorders, and other neuro-biological conditions. The most scientific of studies (not CannabisTimes, mind you, actual medical journals) suggest that the use of these types of drugs, weed included, can lead to and increase the risk of psychosis.

Is it any coincidence that so many thinkers, artists, philosophers, and the like have killed themselves? Does their drug use have anything to do with this? They say that drugs can not make you do anything you would not otherwise, but for the deep thinker.. just how terrifying is that? We know that we are entirely capable of all things as a human being, so why not?

However, this post is not to arouse doubt but to discuss because it is something that must be:

Are mind-altering drugs safe for all? Would you do them, or have you done them? What were their effects?

Penny for your Thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Is Marijuana really safe?

  1. Although I smoked a few – a very few! – joints when I was younger, I generally tell people who ask my advice that smoking marijuana isn’t a safe activity, at least not on a regular basis. I think the research linking marijuana and some of the ‘organic’ mental illnesses is sound, and even though not everyone who smokes regularly will end up suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia, the same can be said for people who drive without seatbelts – not all of them will end up horrendously injured in a car crash, but the odds are definitely shortened, compared to the rest of the population.

    Mind you, I’m also becoming more hardline about alcohol, especially for very young people. With research showing that our mind’s hardware is still being formed until age 25, regular binge drinking among young people is a major public health issue. It’s difficult to talk about this in Australia without being dismissed as a boring old fart, though!

    • You’re absolutely right.

      As for me, I’m done with it. Alcohol and any drugs (4 months with a cigarette, yay!). I bottom out way too often afterwards, and just can’t keep doing it to myself. It can be fun, but I have to ask myself if the consequences are really worth it?

      Very sound advice indeed, especially for the pre-25’s. Then after 25… damn that shit starts hitting harder than usual! šŸ˜›

      • šŸ™‚ Yes, I gave up drinking altogether when I noticed how badly it was affecting my mood. I’m a complete teetotaler now. Some of the people who knew me as an undergraduate would have raised eyebrows … still, we all enjoy the privilege of growing older and wiser.

        I don’t think I’d be alive today if I were still drinking. Due to various factors, my depression got a lot worse in the years after I gave up, and I think any further lessening of disinhibition might have seen some of my more destructive impulses carried out. Dodged a bullet there!

  2. Well, to be fair, marijuana has no deaths associated with it, and despite a few side effects, of which are far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, there really is no real hazard to marijuana use. Yes, you can have a higher risk of memory issues if you take cannabis before your 20’s, and there might be a higher risk of psychosis, but those risks are rather small compared to all the drugs out there.

    I am not saying Marijuana is “good for you” per se. But it is probably as harmful as Aspirin. I don’t think it is fair to compare marijuana to drugs like Meth and Cocain, which are obviously bad for you.

    I mean, I am neither pro or anti drug, but I personally see no reason to ban them. I mean, if they want to dope up, it’s their body, right?

    • Banning, indeed, doesn’t seem to make sense. Regulations such as not drinking around children, or driving with intoxicated, sure. But the legal system saying an individual can not partake in a personal intoxicant?

      Perhaps what is needed is proper education and informed decisions. This is mostly why I jump into conversation with individuals who recommend marijuana as “safe”. Safe is a strong claim. I’ve seen too many individuals, for example, recommend lighting up to individuals with severe anxiety. Medical journals have shown such individuals can have very adverse affects to weed.

      But, yeah, good points. I agree with all of it really. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I smoked a joint when I was 17(?)
    The house was empty, folks away shopping or something, and I thought the best place to light up was in the loo ???

    I sat there for ten minutes waiting for something to happen, nothing did except a coughing fit which caused me to seek fresher air, resulting in me tripping – literally .and falling over.
    banging my head on the tiled wall. And then I had to explain the livid red mark on my forehead to my folks when they came home!

    First and last time.

    Anything that chemically rearranges my mental marbles in a fashion that leaves me bereft of control is a big no no.
    I hardly even drink these days and gave up cigarettes 2 years, 4 months,5 days,2 hours and ….7 minutes ago …..and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

  4. In a recent study they found that most Americans smoke marijuana for at least three hours a day and it puts them into a trance state within just a few minutes. In studies they put cameras in people’s living rooms and filmed them, and you can see they just sit on their couch staring blankly for most of the evening. They lose virtually all awareness of their surroundings and become incapable of thinking critically (or even consciously) and certainly incapable of interacting socially.

    No wait, that wasn’t marijuana…. that was television.

    The studies of marijuana were different….. they were mostly making music or art, or writing books, or discussing the nature of reality or listening intensely to music or making cheese on toast.

    Nobody has ever died from marijuana (and it affects the brain much less than, say, refined sugar or caffeine or alcohol or television), and hemp is one of the most useful plants on the planet providing a fast growing source of oil, fibre, fuel etc as well as ‘wacky backy’.

    In fact marijuana was made illegal after (tree-based) paper manufacturers lobbied the government because they wanted to eliminate competition from the vastly more efficient and environmentally sound hemp.

    Marijuana is also illegal because it tends to reveal the immoral and insane nature of modern ‘society’ causing the user to reject many of the premises on which society is based, such as rule by force, taxation by force, debt based wars (and wars in general), hedonistic/ materialistic/ hierarchical (reptilian brained)/ consumer culture and so on.

    ALL drugs which encourage and facilitate intellectual/ moral/ philosophical endeavours are illegal. This is no accident. The drugs which are legal are precisely the ones which SUPPRESS intellectual/ moral/ philosophical endeavours and turn the user into a blabbering idiot (alcohol etc). They are also the drugs which are the most addictive (and harmful), which allow the most profits to be made by corporations (including profits made from selling medical treatments) AND by governments (ie taxation).

    If marijuana was legal (more) people would just grow it themselves and corporations/ governments would not be able to make any profit from it.

    Too much marijuana is bad for you.

    To much ANYTHING is bad for you. That is what ‘too much’ means šŸ™‚

    Nothing does more to promote irresponsible and ignorant drug use than outlawing those drugs (as one of the comments here demonstrates).

    If bungee jumping or rock climbing or helicopter flying were outlawed and people had to furtively ‘experiment’ with these activities in secret that would make all of these activities 1000x more dangerous than they need to be.

    And if the huge costs of the so called ‘war on drugs’ (which is actually a war on PEOPLE) was billed directly to those who supported it on a per-week basis, you would find even the most ardent opposer of marijuana use suddenly becoming a lot more tolerant and a lot less coercive and aggressive.

    • I’m in love with everything in this comment. Thank you! šŸ˜€

      My OP had no intention of dismissing any of that, it was simply through the lens of individuals with mental health conditions. Suicidal individuals, for one, do not tend to do well on anything along the lines of mind-altering drugs. That’s all my initial point was. So hope you didn’t read in any anti-MJ in there!

      Regardless… I just 100% agree with you and thank you for gracing my comments section with this. I can’t really say or add anymore to it.

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