Morning Starts


As I was having my cup of coffee before going of to work, I took the time to sit and flit through Facebook. The first I stopped to focus on was a page with short videos of Black Friday madness. A few videos in, I asked myself “I bet there are some holiday spirit-y things that happen on Black Friday….” and I know they do. Even from watching the crazy Walmart raids, you can see the people who are the peacemakers. Not yelling, pushing, patiently waiting behind the grab and run crowd for the next palette to come by.

When I sat in the car and flitted through the radio station, Pharrel’s “Happy” came on, and I don’t know many who can hear that and just not sense the happiness. I asked myself, “what if this was what I chose to start my day on?” I stayed in my head for most of my shift, and I ended up fully enjoying my day.

I’m one of those who do not own a TV service. I fully believe in staying away from the negativity spread through news. But it seems that the tendrils of negative focusing spans further.

What is it of us to have to share bad events as if they are something worth sharing? “Hey, did you see that video of that lady who got trampled on Black Friday?” ┬áSure, some things like catastrophes and horrors need to be known and discussed. But is there little great goodness to share in our feeds and conversation? Or is it that we don’t pay attention to it? We rubber-neck past a car accident, but don’t have eyes to see the man helping the elderly across a street.

I got to thinking (I think a lot, I know), when I was a Christian I did these things we call “Devotions.” The moment you get up, you grab your Bible, say a prayer to bless the day and ask that the Spirit speak through what is read, then read a scripture with the intention of finding something to continue the day upon. Honestly, what a healthy way to start the day! It provides structure to the day, a positive meditative start, and a willful conscious decision to continue the day in the same thoughtful stage.

Besides the religion itself, the practice is quite beneficial. Why not do the same with whatever one considers worth meditating on?

My thoughts for the day. A Penny for Yours? What do you think of daily “Devotional” time? Do you try to surround yourself with a positive, or at least “real,” perspectives? How?