We’re all Monsters

Monster by Skillet. Yes, I'm still very partial to Christian rock and metal bands.

Monster by Skillet. Yes, I’m still very partial to Christian rock and metal bands.

A topic just in time for Halloween. We all have one that creeps out and in hindsight, we look back and cringe at how horribly inhumane we acted. This horrid snarling monster spewing things we would normally never say. It can be a lovely human experience though, something to learn from. Sometimes we can look back and laugh, othertimes it’s just that bad that it never gets talked about.

I had my own instance come to my mind from listening to the radio and I had that revolted feeling wash over me. So before I ask the blogging community to share their own stories of human monsterhood, I’ll share mine.

I was going through the initial separation period before a divorce and I was in a very stubborn, angry, and vengeful stage. Most of my nights were filled with drinking and ridiculously obvious flirtations. Well, kind of. I was (and am) a total geek, so all of my crazy activities were done online in a MMO role playing game. My separated husband played on the same server, in the same guild. So one night our guild held a voice chat karaoke party on a day me and him was not getting along in any way shape or form, and I vengefully plotting how to piss him off with someone I was flirting with.

I chose to sing Timbaland’s “Appologize.” You know the one: “It’s too late to apologize.” Yeah. With him present and knowing damn well what I was doing. He left the group, and, if I do recall, called me to tell me how horrible I was being. Instead of fessing up, I drunkenly professed that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

Separation and break ups bring out the worst in all of us, sure, but that was just some passive-aggressive, spiteful, immature bullshit right there.

So, if you don’t mind sharing, what’s something you’ve done that you look back and cringe over? Make you feel like a monster?

Happy Halloween everyone!