HuffPost: It’s over


Some time ago, I took the plunge into the massive Facebook orgy with all things Huffington Post. I figured, I’m fairly liberal and agree with all their talking points, so let’s get this shit on my newsfeed so I know what’s up in the world, without the right wing slant added. And hey, I don’t have TV series so don’t watch the news. Plus, cute kitten videos.

It did not take long for things to get repetitive. There were many times I asked myself, “wasn’t this posted before?” I wondered for a while if it was just Facebook’s annoying coding, or if HP was really reposting the same article multiple times.

It’s time for the relationship to end. I simply cannot learn the same things 50+ times any longer.

Without further adieu, I’ll celebrate this decluttering of my feed with what I have learned from HP:

  1. All things Feminism.
  2. Mothers are amazing
  3. Motherhood is not as amazing as you think.
  4. Dads and husbands can be cool too. Mar
  5. But mainly, mother’s breast feeding.
  6. All things Abortion
  7. Obama does funny/controversial shit
  8. Approx. 150+ relationship and marriage advice
  9. Approx. 150+ reasons why I should get a divorce.
  10. More reasons that singledom w/o children is awesome.
  11. GUYS LISTEN: “Yes” means “yes,” everything else means “no.”
  12. Cute kittens & Puppies everywhere
  13. Other baby animals are adorable
  14. Marriage equality.
  15. 100+ ways to be more productive/healthy/confidant

In celebration, and without forgetting the purpose of this blog:

How do you go about newsy feeds? What do you read/watch on a daily basis? Basically, what are your thoughts when it comes to all things news/what’s going on the in the world acquisition?

Penny for your Thoughts?