Girl with Golden Eyes

golden eyes


I don’t really know her, but I met her. I can’t remember her name, so she is my girl with golden eyes. Only because the only similarity we had was that we both listened to, cried over, and meditated over Sixx A.M.’s “Heroin Diaries.”

I don’t use, she does/has. I could see in her eyes that she didn’t feel understood, but yet there was a light of not giving a fuck and fighting onward. There was a light that told a story begging to be told. As I talked to her, I brought up “Heroin Diaries” to her and the light in her eyes opened to me, and stories and emotions came pouring out. We were the same, her and I. Our battles were against different fiends, but the struggle was the same.

I’ve met so many people in these past few weeks. All with different struggles. Yet all the same. Living, breathing, fighting against unseen enemies within their minds. Unhappiness, anger, alcoholism, schizophrenia even…. all the same human beings. Struggling to make a life worth living, battling against past demons in order to rise as the person they want to be instead of the one they were beaten down into becoming.

It creates a certain humbleness. A certain love for people and their ability to walk in wisdom and serenity.

Thoughts and emotions?


Sorry honey, alcohol is not an excuse to ruin some guys life.

Leads to an interesting discussion on consent, consciousness, and the concept of self. When taken philosophically, and open-mindedly, it may take some hard arguing to get out. I am interested in everyone’s thoughts.

For your ease into the discussion, these are the last two interactions between self and OP:

ME: Hmm, amnesia =/= consent either. I hear your point, and it’s granted,

I can see the male’s side, but there is a female side as well, and rape ruins lives. However, if consent was given under the influence, then that it one thing. I see a difficulty in proving that if she did not remember. I, again, agree assuming based on that reality alone, is neither OK.

I can not imagine a person having not desired the act, thereafter. Remembered or not, it’s painful.

I’m still slightly torn on something though. Doesn’t the man have the ability to say no as well? I’m unsure why the man doesn’t carry at least some responsibility in this discussion. Especially if she is overly intoxicated, and him not.

Am I making sense? Or going in circles? Do tell, I-m honestly trying to wrestle with this.

OP: I don’t think so. If the man doesn’t consider himself raped, there isn’t an issue if he consumes too much alcohol. If he consents to it, then he consents to it.

Now the man who had sex with the girl? Same thing. They both /could/ say no, but why should they? It’s a consenting act.

My tip is to just not be shit-faced drunk in the first place.

Is Marijuana really safe?

Is it?

Is it?

Is it really?

I am neither anti- nor pro-drugs, let me say that first. I live my life pro-choice, believing strongly that it is one’s right to do with oneself what one wishes. However, I am unsure of how safe it is to tout certain mind-altering drugs as entirely safe.

Amongst humanity there is the negatively connoted reality of mental disorders, and other neuro-biological conditions. The most scientific of studies (not CannabisTimes, mind you, actual medical journals) suggest that the use of these types of drugs, weed included, can lead to and increase the risk of psychosis.

Is it any coincidence that so many thinkers, artists, philosophers, and the like have killed themselves? Does their drug use have anything to do with this? They say that drugs can not make you do anything you would not otherwise, but for the deep thinker.. just how terrifying is that? We know that we are entirely capable of all things as a human being, so why not?

However, this post is not to arouse doubt but to discuss because it is something that must be:

Are mind-altering drugs safe for all? Would you do them, or have you done them? What were their effects?

Penny for your Thoughts?