What would you do if….? [Ghosts, demons, and the supernatural]


So two oddly connected events, what-call-you, occurred over the past few days. After the first, I woke with this blog topic in mind. After the second, I knew I had to.

The first was a dream that got me thinking. In my dream I was plagued by this creature/thing/person who would appear at random once a month, and stab me with a knife in the fleshy part of my right shoulder and promptly disappear. After this happened a few times, I started seeking help from any one and any where I could, eventually leading me to some sort of spiritual leader. The words “I don’t care what I have to do, I’ll do anything” or something of the extent was uttered.

Upon waking, I was immediately thoughtful about it and thought to myself: “Huh. As someone who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, what would it take for me to seek supernatural/spiritual help?”

A day or two later, I was sitting on my couch doing something or another, snuggled in my throw, and started calling for one of my 3 cats to come cuddle. I look around and start calling, until I look into my bedroom where I see 2, unmoving, glowing eyes. Of course I knew this was one of my 3 cats, but the way they were reflecting were just very eery. Especially since the cat was not coming when called.

Well, I start looking around for my other cats and eventually two of them show themselves. I look back, the eyes are still there looking directly at me. I point it out to my husband, he agreed that they looked very eerie and remarks “I swear to God if it’s not Eva (the 3rd cat) we’re leaving this apartment.” We’ve come to a mutual agreement beforehand that if any bizzare, Paranormal type shit happened in our apartment we wouldn’t go the way of all Horror movies, and just leave the fucking place. I give a shy laugh, but after that kind of remark press him to check it out. Ya know, just in case.

So he gets up, looks in the dining room and says “…Honey? Eva’s under the dining room table…” My heart stops. “Are you serious?” “…Yeah…” I tell him to go look in the room. He takes his time, turns on the light….

And there’s Eva! My mind skips a little bit and I start “then who’s under the…” until I hear him laugh.

Needless to say, I was pissed.

However, it still got me thinking.

My skeptical mind disbelieves in ghosts, goblins, demons, and all the sort. But my agnostic mind keeps me open to possibilities, and to trust my own sensory experiences put to the test of reasonable experimentation. So in this case, yeah, if he turned on and off the light, we poked around on the patio, and the eyes remained very clearly and distinctly without a sensible material cause? We would’ve most likely gotten the hell out of there. But alas, there was a rational cause for what appeared to be very creepy: my cat.

So, reader, have you ever experienced something that you thought creepy but found a rational explanation? How about something that you never did get a reason for and scared you?

Do you believe in the supernatural? If not, what would it take for you to believe it and take drastic action?

Penny for your Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “What would you do if….? [Ghosts, demons, and the supernatural]

  1. (Struggled to keep this short, failed)

    In the battle thus far between the supernatural and science, you and I both know the score is Magic: 0 to Science: [All the points]. All of the mysteries that we’ve solved have ended up with natural explanations. I’d like to think I would be able to rationally deal with the “staring eyes” or other such freakiness if no explanation presented itself right away- in my experience, the answer is usually found to be “raccoon” when something weird this way comes (in the outdoors, anyway).

    Now- I don’t discount the possibility of real danger from a NATURAL cause in the case of the weird- when I go outside to investigate a strange noise, I’m generally packing a full-sized Mag-Lite- but in our generally peaceful, modern Western world, the answer is usually, “It was a cat. Stop scaring yourself,” but it’s never been found to be, “OH, SHIT, it’s a ghost/demon/dragon/[anything mythical].”

    That said- I am a living thing, and most living things have a bunch of “OH, SHIT!” mechanisms hard-wired into them, and they lead to unnecessary, even irrational fears that have helped us to survive and thrive. The antelope that interprets the rustle in the grass to be a lion and not just the wind generally lives longer than his brother that interprets the opposite and all that. I can harbor irrational fears- I can and have, usually when alone. Is this surprising? Not in the slightest. We are creatures driven by brains, and those brains have some pretty strong evolutionary impulses. Our brains LIVE to assign agency to stimuli/occurences- and more people should learn to doubt them from time to time.

    Rant done, let’s hit your questions, if I can:

    1) I have found many, many things creepy, and almost always found rational explanations- again, it’s usually “raccoon(s).”

    2) I’ve been frightened, and I’ve had nightmares that woke me screaming- both left me awake shaking. Adrenaline does that. I still couldn’t apply supernatural agency to them.

    3) No, I do not believe in the supernatural.

    4) I don’t know what it would take for me to believe in the supernatural, but I know that belief would be independent of my perception of eminent danger. If I perceived ACTUAL danger, I would withdraw.

    Anyway, that’s my, let’s see… 10 cents on the matter,


  2. When you visit other cultures outside the Western influence you notice that most do not have an understanding of the super natural. It is mainly a western teaching. Many cultures do not even have a word for ‘ghost’ and think the idea of ghosts is immature.

    Yet all cultures DO have an idea of being watched and ‘creepiness’ as you put it. So maybe there is something to it!

    • Curious, can you give examples? My academic experience would lead me to disagree with your statement, but I’d love to hear what your experiences have to say.

      • Thanks nikeyo. I was in Tibet in 1993 and a discussion came up about ghosts – natives had no idea what I was talking about. I then mentioned ghosts while surfing in the Mentawai Islands and again, they thought I was talking a child.

        However, they did have a ‘boogeyman’ or creepy spirit…but I can’t remember what exactly.

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