7 reasons friend zone talk needs to stop.

The easiest and most aesthetic way of doing is by addressing memes. No one likes reading walls of text, unless you’re a reader. Let’s get started:

1 Because obtaining an opposite sex bff is like dying.


I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in fucking brothers. Figurative siblings is a tight bond, one that surpasses sexuality and enters into a “you are blood” realm.

Please don’t paint men out to be incapable of this perspective and love. You’re only undermining the sex and perpetuating negative stereotypes.

2. Because adults are incapable of meaning what they say.


I’m sorry, do the words “let’s watch a movie” mean something else? Is there an English dialect I am not aware of?

Oh, haha, you think it means sex! I’ll remember this next time my mom asks me this.

3. Because no one ever regrets an incapacitated drunken screw.


Yeah, no. This is called taking advantage of a person. Mind you, I am of the belief that decisions made with the use of inhibition removing additives are, in fact, still a persons conscious decision. I do not, entirely, believe a drunken fuck = rape. However, neither is it a healthy way to move from friend to something else.

Neither does a screw = a relationship.

This too often leads to regret. Not because it’s wrong, but because it’s often too soon and done without much thought. Be respectful, ask yourself “does she really want this with me? Would she do this sober?”

The further problem with this is… It just sounds rapey. Let’s not use drugs to just get someone in the sack, shall we?

4. Because I am entitled to sex.


Really? Get pissed when it doesn’t screw? I’m assuming this translates to you are mad when a female does not want to let you into her pants and says “no”.

Hm. Really think about that one. If you see women as walking sex objects, you may want to reevaluate your ethics and level of regard for human beings.

5. Because let’s completely belittle asexual people, make it seem like they can not never have meaningful relationships, and make a persons sexual orientation a joke.


This one is plain disgusting. On every level imaginable. Why is sex the crossing line between… Shit, anything? Why can’t asexuals have a meaningful relationship? Why the hell would you see the mate as anything less than a mate?

This furthermore assumes the asexual partner is forcing asexuality on their partner, when this just isn’t the case. Newsflash, sex is sex. Love is not possessive, it permits people yo be themselves in every capacity they can. It celebrates expression and self-hood, doesn’t restrict it.

6. Because I still adhere to social stigmas of monogamous relationships and further perpetuate this with stupid memes.


I’ve written about this one a lot. Let’s continue to perpetuate the idea that a person can not have sex with whoever they want because their significant other refuses to let them. Because, you know… LOYALTY!! *fist in the air*

7. Because we are incapable of communication.


Hypothetical adult conversation #1, without like leading to sex.
Man: Hey, I really like you.
Woman: Me too!
The end.

Hypothetical adult conversation #2, with leading to sex:
Man: Hey, I really like you.
Woman: Me too!

Only difference is somewhere down the line in the relationship, a move will be made and either there is a “yes” or a “no”.

The most fulfilling relationships I have had with men have been open and honest. Cause, ya know, I don’t associate with ignorance, manipulation, and coniving behavior. I’ve had some propose sexual relationships either as friends-with-benefits ( hate the use of ” benefits”… But for now I’ll go with it) and some as a relationship. Guess what? I’m either attracted to them or not. Surprise surprise: I communicate this and we either move forward sexually, or move forward non-sexually. Either way, we move forward. Not having sex isn’t a roadblock or mean our relationship is anything less, just means it doesn’t jive that way. Not everyone in compatible or mutually attracted to each other in a sexual way.

Let’s make that OK and act like adults, not children shall we?

For more memes like these, as well as inspiration for this post, go here:

What about you? Anything I left out? Disagree with anything?

Penny for your thoughts and a nickel for your honesty?


3 thoughts on “7 reasons friend zone talk needs to stop.

    • Sadly it does not stay in the normal age range of “boyhood”. I’ve been genuinely wondering why this is. If it’s just a too soon things (hasn’t even been a century since most of rights, much less being beaten by our husbands, etc) or what causes it. Too many on the extreme feminist side seem yo thing it’s just how men are, i’d think they deserve more credit than that.

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