Hope that works, embedding youtubes into my posts from my tablet doesn’t work too well. If not, search “Kanon Tipton is baby preacher reborn again”.

If you’re too lazy, quick I usually am : it’s a 3 min clip of a 4-year old boy preaching and speaking in tongues on a church pulpit.

That people truly believe this is an ” anointing of the holy ghost” is mind-numbing.

I recall as a young person, I recall children as young as 3 going up to the stage of our church to kneel and pray. Pastor would admonish us to not see it as cute, but as a sincere show of faith by the children and an moving by God upon their little souls.

This is absurd. The children are following what their parents and church family is doing. They dance during songs because that’s what they see, they raise their hands and shout because…. Everyone is doing it!

As they get older, it continues for a while. As a pre-teen, there was a year in Bible camp that I stood up and “prophesied” in chapel. I can’t recall what it was, but it was the usual vague nonsense. The pastors confirmed to the rest that this was a word from God, and the attention I got from my peers was affirming and pretty awesome as I was never a popular kid.

It’s quiet easy yo do. Just follow the pattern. When has a Pastor or “prophet” ever been original? Tongues all sound the same, just baby babble. Intonations and inflections follow similar patterns. Just follow the flow.

But hey, then again, we’re all just very complex machines anyway, right? Built with hardware and grown with uploaded software. What makes religion any different or unique?

But, what are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Parroting

  1. We humans are all, at our core of thought, nihilists. For most of us that scares the fucking shit out of us. Our cause/effect engine brains tell us that there must be a cause, a purpose. So it is that we seek it and it makes the puzzle/questions in our heads go quiet. We can sleep at night when we feel that we belong to a group who have a purpose who know that life is more than the nihilistic existence that we truly know it to be. The nihilist has escaped that cage, gilded as it is, for the freedom and light of truth.

    Our need to belong is a need for purpose or meaning and we seek it because in truth we know there is no objective or intrinsic meaning or purpose. Theists are, every last one of them, dishonest with themselves because it feels better in the gilded cage. I can no longer sit comfortably in that cage and tell myself that it will all be okay in the end. Funny bit is, the door to the cage was never shut.

  2. Yeah, when I had outgrown Sunday school (which I think was actually kind of fun) and had to sit through regular church, I simply felt uncomfortable with the whole ordeal. It was boring and I didn’t want to sing. Needless to say, my first bout of church ended very soon after.

    My second bout of church was more about understanding what the whole deal really is all about. I am happy to say I didn’t come down with a chronic church condition.

    Not that a sense of community is a bad thing. It just tends not to be so good when it is looking at reality unrealistically.

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