Person tree by Pooktre

“When you’re green, you’re growing.”

My pastor used to say this constantly. It has always stuck with me. Agriculturally, once ripe the product is on it’s way towards death. There is nothing more to obtain. If green, the product is still in the growth stage.

It’s life applications are immense. Surely, we have all encountered people who believe they have obtained – something. Whatever it is, they are complete. Finished. They have closed themselves to growth or change. Whether it be a profession, an idea, or a state of being.

There are also those who are growing and ever open. Society seems to at times see this as an immaturity, with “maturity” being a goal.

If we cognitively believe we have obtained the goal, we can go no further. Perhaps there is some truth in the Jesus of the Bible exclaiming that it is the children who lay hold of the kingdom of god. Stripped of it’s theology, it holds much truth. Imagination, curiosity, exploration: that is living.

Or is it? What are your thoughts? Is there anything in life that should necessarily be obtained at some stage? Is greenness a weakness?

Penny for your thoughts?


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