Relationship Tips for being happy

Over-used internet picture for relationship articles

Over-used internet picture for relationship articles

It seems everywhere you look online, someone has something to say about how to succeed in sexual relationships. As someone who revels in dialectics, I do revel in the plethora of information. The more voices and opinions, afterall, the better to make a synthesis, and some truth to absorb into oneself. Who doesn’t want to have a lasting/successful/fulfilling sexual relationship with another?

Alas, as I sat pondering all these things after a long bout of internet browse purging til 4 in the morning a thought came to me. Why not write my own? Afterall, I’ve been through a couple marriages and relationships in my short lifetime and make myself a studious scholar of all things that interest me. Surely I have something constructive to say about the whole fiasco of dating and such.

So here it goes:

  1. Be Yourself.

Here is where most articles write a little explanation of the point given. Even though I’m sure I’m not alone in being one who just skims through and reads the bold. But, if you’re reading this, allow me to translate the above advice: Do you, don’t be not-you, keep it real, act natural, et cetera.
Unless you’re a rapist or a nazi. Then don’t be those things.

Also if you get the opportunity to be Peter Pan, do that. Cause if a fairy flies in your window and says your Peter Pan and you must return to Neverland because they need you, I don’t care who the fuck you are, you chose to be mother fucking Peter Pan. Cause fuck being an adult.

The End

Yep. No seriously, that’s my relationship advice. Pretty sure that’s all you need to be happy in life.

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