Why do we live in houses?

I threw this question out there a few weeks ago while sitting in deep thought. I had spent the last car ride staring out the window, contemplating the wooden boxes along the side of the road. 

Naturally, I know the answer. Shelter from the elements, mainly. A place to store our things, and congregate the people we want to be around. Yet my mind still wanders and asks “Why?” (as a good philosopher, I suppose, amirite?)

“This is mine” is all I can hear. Is it really? What is it with our species and possession? 

“This is my girlfriend” one will say, as a way to say she is yours and no one else’s. Really? My children, my car, my money….

I think fleetingly back to my college days. Why do we all look so fondly back on those wild times? Could it be because most of our time was spent without a consideration for ownership? Some lived in dorms, I spent much of it sleeping from house to house. Trekking up a long hill with my back-back to school, taking buses and trains. Sure, we look back on some of it as “immature,” and ashamedly admit to feeding off of our parents finances. 

But a part of me still sees that wandering nomadic life and finds something to admonish and extract a deeper life truth. 

Even if I can’t elaborate on it and attach to it words, it is there.

Penny for your Thoughts? Can you make sense of any of those thoughts? 


Penny for your thoughts....? Do share them here!

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