Radical Change


My muse is gone. I typed up this shit only to have it dissapear into a void once I clicked “publish” and only the image go through.

Radical Change. Rosa Parks, Ghandi, the like. I can not remember much more.

All I know is I desire in the deepest of my being to be the one to cry “The Earth is Round!” in an era where doing so is insane. Something so drastic and shattering.

I can not settle for less. I will not be The Simple Man.

Help. A Penny for Your Radical Thoughts? What must be done in today’s era that one person can do, and which everyone fears doing?


9 thoughts on “Radical Change

  1. Live a little at a time but travel in the direction that calls to your truth. We are not as alone as we believe. Keep speaking your truth quietly and clearly and listen to the dull and ignorant. They too have their story…most of that was Kaliel Gilbran but it’s always good to hear.

    • I’m not so sure. I keep getting told that it is the little movements and actions. Yes, it brings change. But I fear not enough.

      Perhaps until the larger action is revealed, it’ll suffice…

    • What does that look like though? What is so different that people would not expect?

      I had this conversation with husband last night, about how I think I am simply a type of person who nothing is ever enough. I always want more, better. Yet I cannot pinpoint anything.

      • I don’t know…it’s different for everyone. People- out families, society- they expect something from each of us. And sometimes that’s not who we are. So if you can just be yourself and find out what makes you happy then you beat them all out. You figured out how to do what no one else these days can: Be yourself and be happy with that.

  2. …can reason…The capacity of reason it’s free and possible to everyone, but more and more people have fear to elaborate personal ideas, applying logic to a fair and objective analysis.

  3. I just watched a video about a skydiving cat commercial and how people were complaining that it was inhumane to let cats skydive – when the commercial was filmed on a set.

    I also watched a video yesterday that told that as the circle of knowledge grows, the leading edge into ignorance increases as well.

    With such a large leading edge into ignorance, and so many people being ignorant to things that seem to most to be common sense, any “the world is round” type ideas are most likely to be lost in the noise or barely paid attention to these days.

    Then again, the mission to Mars that has begun recruiting people might be along those lines in a sense. Either that or coming up with an idea that leads to the discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

    • That’s what I fear most. The voice being lost. But yet – I hope.

      I heard a lot of such concepts such as that, ignorance growing with intelligence, in dystopian fictions. Those things tend to have a lot of research behind them. And they are terrifying…

      • I think maybe it’s more a matter of the collective making headway moreso than the individual as it has seemed in the past. Being a part of a positive movement is the better bet nowadays, and that’s not so bad!

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