Cosplay women: The comments


Photography David Ngo

It’s never the articles on issues of slut shaming that interest me. The lack of sources, the bullish agendas, the stretching of accusations… I don’t give it a second look. It’s the comments.

The article: huff post women, as usual

Followed by the usual:
“She’s asking for it.”
“You wouldn’t let your daughter dress like that.”
“Live with it.”
“It’s a crowded area, what do you expect?”
And the like.

Do I think the photo taking is a problem? No. Public area, photography isn’t illegal. Slander or misusing it is. Sure.

Groping, is an issue. Look with your eyes, not with your hands. Common sense.

Treating a woman like a sexual object because she shows skin, is.

All in all, C.B.F. Dress how you want. Look, don’t touch. Am also tired of this being talked about so much, and so little action. As one commentor boasted: ” we had our heads bashed in for standing up for women.”

This has been your feministic post of the month. Same thing, over and over, ain’t it?

Penny for your Thoughts?

Random P.S: Legalize prostitution!


One thought on “Cosplay women: The comments

  1. Idk, I personally see nothing wrong with “sexually objectifying” anybody, if that is even possible. Sexual Objectification means seeing someone as an object, and from all I can see, nobody is treating women as objects. Men usually treat women as people. Although I don’t understand the whole “I am going to expose my boobs, but I don’t want you to look at them” mentality.

    And to be fair, if I decided I wanted to put on a sexually revealing costume, I am asking to be admired for my sexuality, and thus asking to be “objectified”. I am not sponged from my accountability because of my gender. I can’t do attention-seeking behavior and then whine about the attention I am getting.

    Also, I am skeptical that harassment and groping is an issue at all in Comicon. Outside of like, a handful of accusations from a few women, there is no evidence at all of this happening. Like, no video footage from security cameras, no pictures, no reports, no official statistics from the con, and I have personally asked many people who actually go to cons and they, male and female, say they don’t see this horrific harassment.

    Being “followed” by people who admire your awesome costume, or being “unwillingly photographed” (sorry, if we are at a con, I won’t ask permission to take your photo unless I want to be in the photo with you, the same way i won’t ask Justin Beiber or Ellen for permission to take a photo. As long as you are not shoving the camera in their face, this isn’t harassment.) isn’t harassment. I have been harassed, I have been yelled at by people constantly. I have been followed and then bitched at by several people online. And then we have the sheltered women who believes simply being catcalled in harassment. I have been catcalled, I had guys ask for my number, I have been told I was beautiful, and even had guys ask me if I “needed a ride” in the “we’re obviously not dropping you off at the grocery store” kinda way.It sickens me to see people call this minor annoyance harassment.

    There is a good way to remedy the consequences of attention-seeking behavior, stop the attention-seeking behavior. Nobody needs your consent to take a picture of you at Comicon. If you feel that someone is literally harassing you, step up and tell them to their face to leave you alone.

    Anywho, that is my spew.

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