Music, consciousness, Eastern vs. Western philosophy

I cannot pretend to have a solid topic in mind today. They race with concept from meditation to the influences of the arts on the psyche. 

Something particularly striking my mind is the division between Western and Eastern philosophies. Thanks to a mind and body meditation book lent by a friend this past week. I seem to be trapped in a Western mindset and dead set on believing I am right. Could I be wrong?

Of course I could.

Like our medicinal practices, I believe in a material world. I believe the body is a material thing, and consciousness likewise restricted to the physical composition of the brain as a piece of matter. I see scientific studies, tests, and neuroscience in-dept CAT scan observations and cannot help but use these to support my predisposition.

However, even Western studies has to concede to Quantum physics and its metaphysical applications. Energy, spins, fields, waves. Everything seems to operate on a deeper level than what we see. Does this mean that the universe is not a material thing? Well, the material exists. Particles are material, they do their business due to their relation with other particles. This thing called “energy” is hardly some mysterious unseen force guiding the universe that we can extrapolate to supernatural processes.

But are we merely a hunk of meat? My empirical philosophy leads me to think yes. My deeper psyche wants desperately to say no. 

What do all my above title topics have in common? I do not know. All I know is I am a Philosopher, therefore I think and toil over such things. 

So, I must open it up to discussion. As no one learns anything by being trapped in their own thoughts. 

A Penny for Your Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Music, consciousness, Eastern vs. Western philosophy

  1. There seems to be a limit to my ability to intuitively make sense of a few of the things science tells me are so. A photon from a distant galaxy seems to decide which path to take around an intervening galaxy based upon how I will measure it in the lab millions of years later. That kind of thing.
    I don’t know. I’m not ready to be dogmatic about science having the ultimate answers. Maybe so, but maybe our blindness to dark matter should give us pause. Maybe this overwhelming sense that we can decide which shirt to wear with complete independence of the wife’s opinion is not a hoax.
    If free will does exist, what tools could Science find to prove it?
    None, I suspect.
    I’m going with the spooky action at a distance for now:

    But not dogmatically. 🙂

    • I can not pretend to understand all things sciencey or quantamly. Merely a philosopher who reads, ponders, and reflects. At times, formulating hypotheses/thoughts.

      Interesting article. I can only think (probably inadequately) on the topic of entanglement in the “flap of a butterfly’s wings” concept. The thought that something so small, can create a ripple effect in the universe.

      Although I am, still, an empiricist and believe (partially) in the scientific method, I still find some conclusions falling short. There seems to always be another way to see it. A different spin, or perspective. The “god” particle immediately comes to mind.

      Ah, more ramblings. I don’t even know if I actually replied to anything! Regardless, I love shared thoughts, they give birth to yet more thoughts.

      • So true. And those of us who care about this kind of stuff have the rare opportunity to connect on the human level with like minds and hearts. It’s a pleasure to meet someone who believes partially in the scientific method. That’s my kind of skeptic and empiricist. One step back from the table.

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