Taking of innocent life




For the past few days, my neighborhood has been in shock. Three reckless men, one as young as 19, robbed a local bank and took 3 hostages.

One, a mother, just going into draw out money, lost her life while being used as a human shield. Her 12-year old daughter watched from the car while Misty was first taken as a hostage.

Usually, I try to ignore the news. So much gets reported and twisted that I block it out lest the negativity overwhelm me. This was too close to home, and too destructive.

I had a couple come in to my work to eat. As they left, they left a beyond generous tip and asked in return to make it if possible, or to at least spread the word about a candlelight vigil for the deceased hostage. I was too moved by her desperation and community empathy to respond adequately. All I could do was spread the word.

There is something horrifying about reckless taking of innocent lives. Yes, there is a horror towards premeditated and war, but this is quite different. Random, sudden, and without regard for human life.

3 suspects raced through our neighborhood armed with assault rifles, riddling police vehicles with bullets as well as some local businesses.

I can’t quite adequately reflect on this. Only share.

But a penny for your thoughts. If you will. Even though loss happens all around us in many forms, we can all still stop to reflect.


Penny for your thoughts....? Do share them here!

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