As a philosopher and vegetarian/animal-lover, I often get accused of doing this. The word carries a negative connotation, as if illogical. In my thoughts, I am merely observing and putting on words. I make comparisons to human nature only because we seem to be the epitome of the height of evolutionary potential. In reality (as I observe it), we only carry traits that have made of survival so dominant as a species on this vast planet of life forms.

Admittedly, I stem much of this from being a cat purist. That is, I prefer pure breeds from a line of non-feral cats. I’ve long observed the differences between multiple pure breeds and feral/mutt types. There is a marked intelligence, and ability to communicate through action and verbal sounds their needs and wants. Whereas non long  domesticated lineages are more simple, more survival driven.

However, the most recent studies on more higher creatures appears to also make such comparisons. Stress in lower tiered in their tribe monkeys affects their immune systems similarly to a poverty level working human. Elephants mourn and appear to recognize themselves in a mirror.

Why? Why the comparisons?

We all are evolved creatures. At one point in time, humanity was a simple creature fighting for simple survival along with other predator creatures. We were all, once, on a level fighting plain. We rose in our own fashion, while others did the same.

But, those are just a portion of my thoughts and I must digress.

You form your own conclusions based off of the information you obtain. Perhaps, entirely different in interpretation.

What are they? Penny for your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Anthropomorphism

    • Blech. I admittedly did not read every single word, but read all the points. I don’t know what to say, and don’t think it’d amount to anything as a vegetarian woman. To the OP, at least.

      Just so much meh.

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