Supernatural quirks


We all have the, I’m sure. Little things we do that have supernatural backgrounds. We do them because of our culture, or perhaps just because everyone else does and old habits die hard.

Me, I finally shook the “god” part but just can’t seem to find an alternative for “bless you!” after a sneeze. It just seems rude, no matter what the origin.

Others don’t make as a much sense. Did you know black cats are still the hardest to find homes? I like to boast at times of wanting to brave and wave in the face of the supernatural. Just for curiosities sake. Live exorcism? Yes please!

For the sake of being brief, I’ll list me own absurd quirks and see what everyone can add, or comment:

– I don’t pick up a penny when it’s face down.
– I throw salt over my should when spilled.
– You could not pay me to do Bloody Mary in a mirror.
– Same with a Ouji board, can’t be in the same house with one.
– My husband had a dream when he was little of Pennywise the Clown saying if he ever slept in his parents room, he’d kill him. I plan on burning that part of the house when/if it’s left to us and never sleeping in that area of land.

Silly. I know. Fear based, yes. I do proudly own a black cat though. Mom calls him my familiar. šŸ˜‰

What about you? Do you truly believe yours crossing? Think they’re silly? Have any alternatives or opposite a to action new quirks?



8 thoughts on “Supernatural quirks

  1. The occasional “bless you” or “blessing” pops out, but sometimes it’s more about the person I’m addressing rather than coming from me! I have decided that “I’m grateful for…” is an acceptable alternative to “I’m blessed because…”; for me, I can be grateful *for* something without being grateful *to* someone.
    Not many others, I don’t think. I still occasionally find myself thinking in a similar manner to prayer, but that’s faded to occasional. It was such a deeply ingrained habit for so much of my life that it doesn’t surprise me that it persists.

    Great post, very thought-provoking šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! šŸ˜€ And good thoughts.

      I’ve only found myself still doing begging/bargaining prayers. Which is strange because I was never that genie wish-prayer type person. But there are always those times where…. Hey, can’t hurt right? Lol Or when my mom begs me to pray for something. Then I reluctantly and very awkwardly try.

      Interesting thoughts.

  2. It took me forever to get over “bless you,” but I finally managed it. I like saying “stop spitting” instead. It surprises people and usually gets a laugh. Black cats are my favorite. I never was one for superstition though, so I got over most simply by becoming an atheist. “It” also happens to be one of my favorite Stephen King books.

    • I never read it. But apparently the clown specifically is the fuel of my husband a nightmares. šŸ˜› He still gobbles down King books like they’re candy!

      I love it! Good alternative! I heard so many alternatives once upon a time, just never made the conscious effort to change it.

  3. Having put little thought into the subject, I will yet dive in. I think most of what you’re calling “supernatural quirks” are simply cultural conventions, which were once borne out of historical situations and concerns. Replying “God Bless You” (yes, with caps) was the response to a sneeze, because at that time, a sneeze was an indication that you might have the plague, or one of those major population devastating diseases that were so prevalent in the Middle Ages. A sneeze was an indication that you would likely die. In my experience, most of the quirks you refer to simply jog the memory to when the custom originated. “Don’t walk under a ladder”–because before there were hanging scaffolds, criminals were hanged from ladders. “See a penny, pick it up….” I don’t know about that one, but money is money, and I don’t care if it is face up or face down. Black cats? If there are witches, one would have to assume that there is a counterpart on the other side of the fence (you decide which is the good/bad side). A cat is a cat.
    “God bless you” seems to draw more fire, as does “one nation, under God….” and I suppose it is because it directly refers to a being that some choose to reject. I try (and sometimes succeed) to see the well wishes toward me of the speaker. If they speak from a tradition I’m unfamiliar with, I might inquire about it, but I try to receive the sentiment they wanted to communicate.

    • They’re all superstitions. An illogical response to a material reality. Some may have had logical means (the ladder) but many don’t, or at least do not anymore. They either have religious context, or superstitious ones. (The penny has a phrase attaches, basically good luck/bad luck).

      It reminds me of the great illogical issue: “why do we do this this way” “Because we always have.”

      I receive the sentiment from sneezing just fine. Just like with “I’m praying for you.” I get apologies from people about them sometimes, thinking it offends me. I don’t give them a second thought apart from the sentiment. I just don’t believe it is all.

  4. I’ve considered using the Seinfeldism….”You’re sooo good lookin” after sneezes but I like the “stop spitting” better.
    However when I do say “God bless you” I visualize it with the lower case “g” and think of it as some pagan deity instead.
    Then when they say “thank you” I just laugh and point a them while they look at me blankly.

    • Lol Very cool thoughts. I can’t get myself to do something quirky with it yet. Must find one that fits my personality that I can roll with. šŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the thought!

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