Little people


My post isn’t about drugs or sex. Yeah, it weirds me out that young people do it but that’s mainly because I lived a good Christian life until I got married at 21 and wondered what the hell I’ve been doing with my life.

No. If there’s any one thing I am passionate about and want to leave a ripple of change towards its in our little people’s minds.

Ironically, I don’t want to be in under a collegiate studies. But it it so ironic? I see the problem starting with our next generations mentors. The grown ups. We simple aren’t investing enough in the next generation of our nation.

Yes, that’s mainly America. We have to enforce laws such as “don’t smoke in the car with your baby” cause people are dumb enough to so so. Then we make things like common core or sexual freedom at a young age from their parents because….. Well, shit they’re having sex that young anyway. Parents will only fuck things up because too many can’t allow the teenage stage to be what it is.

Worst yet, the young adults I seek to teach have to go into immense amounts of debt to learn.

Don’t even get me started on the privileges we allow in the name of religion. I wasn’t allowed to have sex ed growing up because of it. When I asked mom what sex is, she handed me a kids biology book which told me nothing. Boy oh boy did that marriage night suck.

I could rant on, but I’ll digress.

What are your qualms with education (and where do you hail from)?
If you have kids, your rearing preferences?

Thoughts on all?


3 thoughts on “Little people

  1. We can’t really start with educating adults, because we’re already stuck in our beliefs. We need to improve the education system so that the children today can create a better world when they’re adults. But honestly, what in that little poem wasn’t an issue when our parents were kids? It’s not just “kids today.” Every generation sees the next generation as full of problems. We need to look around and realize that the world isn’t going to hell in a hand-basket so that we can see the rel problems and address them.

    • I want to educate adults (18+) because they’re the parents of the next generation. I also disagree that they are stuck in their beliefs. Necessarily, I must see it that way unless I want to change careers. Plus I don’t have the patience to teach others children. Just my own. I could only do so much before they go home to their parents.

      Absolutely agree that we need to improve our education system to them though. As well as the rest. 🙂 After all, if the world is going to hell then why fix it! No, we’re just on a journey. Can always improve.

      I’m just finding my role, like we all should.

      • Adults aren’t stuck in their beliefs in the sense that we can’t change, just in the sense that we find it more difficult to change. Adults do need to be educated too, it’s just far more effective to educate children.

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