Work hard play hard

A mantra to live for.

Except when work is too slow to work hard enough. Every server’s had that day. Sometimes they stay and just plain get jaded into just standing around and not working (how often can you clean every thing ?). So, another thing happens, you get that rare and magical offer “you can go home if you want.”

The “If you want” ends up ringing in my head and eating away at my conscious as I drive. Regret. Guilt. The clearing thought of “oh my god my manager’s going to get the impression that I don’t want to work and that I’m that one person they can always call off on slow days! Stupid stupid stupid!”

Can’t turn back.

So what’s the message? It’s not a #serverproblems post.

Work hard, play hard. If you can’t work as hard as you wish you could play hard, and turn it into work.

As I continued driving further away, my mind soared at this and jotted down topics and scenes and characters to write about. The Hobby Lobby fiasco anyone? Next time maybe.

For now, a penny for your thoughts or whatever it’s worth to you?


Penny for your thoughts....? Do share them here!

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