“Normal/Real” you keep using that word….


Women’s rights, humanists, equalizers, whatever you want to call them. We’ve seen these words used often. Particularly “real”.

Maybe it’s the disgustingly hot summer weather I slept through last night, or being with out central air (like a brat, I know). Maybe it’s my life situation and I’m just cranky…..

But today, this ad pissed me off: real men underwear ads

Sure, photo shopping can suck a big you-know-what. Airbrushing is retarded. But…. I don’t read that hatred in these kinda of articles.

I read almost…. Fit shaming. Fit, skinny people aren’t real people somehow. People who work hard for their bodies to look a certain way aren’t “real”.

Point of the article? Perhaps not. Do ads often put unreal expectations on what looks good? Sure. But a chiseled body, or a skinny person is just as real and a representation of the human body.

So let’s use a different word maybe?

Or am I just cranky and selfishly enjoy the eye-candy male underwear ads in a way that says ” you’re what’s wrong with society”.



7 thoughts on ““Normal/Real” you keep using that word….

  1. There was an item on the news over here last night about kids as young as 8 being concerned with their weight, and trying to lose weight to look better. I couldn’t believe people would be surprised at this: after all, there’s the big push against obesity and towards healthy eating in our schools; is it any wonder that some kids get the “wrong” message? For me, the “real” image debate is sort of a bit like this. Anything too extreme either way is off kilter. The truth, as you know I like to say, lies in the grey zone … but grey zones don’t make good headlines or soundbites.

    • Yep…. It’s the extremes. We seem to have come circle again. It goes around and round. Curves praised, and curves damned.

      How about just be healthy and love your body for what it is? One person’s attractions isn’t the norm. Everyone has different tastes, nothing is “normal” or “real”. Every person is to themselves. Why compare?

      Then there is the whole inner self and inner self….

      I just don’t see the benefit in judge mental words. No matter the recipient.

  2. Friends I have who were overweight as children are usually shocked to hear I was bullied as a kid for being “too skinny”. Shaming people based on their physique is a two way street unfortunately.

    • Yes.

      Same here. Still am. “Skinny bitch” is a constant. Or the usual “I hate you.”

      When I married an obese man, we both learned very quickly that we have the same problem/struggle. Just in a different way.

  3. One should actually question where this real/unreal derived from?
    In days of yore when the definition of ‘fast food’ was begging your mum to hurry up with the dinner because you wanted to go and play with your mates, obesity and ‘correct’ body shape wasn’t so much of an issue.
    Child obesity is China for example apparently began soon after trade agreements for MacDonald’s and Kentucky were finalised.
    I imagine this trend, coupled with a general sedentary lifestyle ( computers etc) would be worldwide.
    Certainly the case down here in South Africa.

    From experience, there is no substitute to getting one’s butt off the couch and doing a bit of regular jogging.

    Generally can’t go wrong. Bit of fresh air and cheaper than a gym.

    • Yes! In was talking with another reader about this. It seems to come dull circle, and lap around very often in societal expectations through time and culture.

      Leasing a little extra, damning it. Round and round.

      Me, I’m just pro health. Albeit, to a hippie-esque degree. 😉

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