No such thing as Failure

People don’t fail. They give up.

I saw this the other day on some business’/fire station/church billboard and it has been stuck in my head ever since.

False dichotomy. I’ve been on a kick with this one lately, seeing it wherever I go. Hearing it in what we say…. It’s not healthy to spew such falsehoods.

Yeah, it’s a motivational phrase. But I also think it hurts. For the good? Maybe. But it’s also simply not true.

We both fail, yet refuse to give up and pick ourselves up. Refusing to admit that failure happens helps no one. It happens. We fold, we fall, we scrape our knees and bottom out.

Just this week, I’ve failed. Bottomed out. We lost our apartment and moved back into mom’s. Like it or not, it’s a failure. We had no money, medical bills were drowning us, holding on wasn’t an option.

But are we giving up? No. Did we fail? Yes.

What do you think? Do many motivational sayings follow this fallacy? Do they still have meaning or do they just plain sting?


6 thoughts on “No such thing as Failure

  1. What an absolute asshole of a saying. I think it’s a real putdown and a denial of the fact that some people are not in a place where “success” is going to come to them, no matter how hard they try. Talk about a downer! No, this is definitely a stinger, in my book.

    And, reading what you’ve been through – I don’t know your situation intimately, but I think “failing” would have looked different to me, like turning to crime to pay your medical bills or something.

    I’m truly sorry for what you’re going through, and I’m sorry you came across that saying.

    • I’ve thought about that crime thing…. Dealing drugs…. Is that a gray area??

      Lol, seriously though… it’s life. Baby steps, right?

      And this is why I blog. To… I dunno… Millions of reasons. One of which is related to this.

      • When I was broke earlier this year and my husband and I were, like you, faced with the possibility of changing where we live except we didn’t have to … phew), I was EXTREMELY disappointed that no reader told me how you go about selling a kidney on the black market.

        I am only 65% joking as I type this …

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