Last night, I had another instance of sleep paralysis. Anyone who has had them can probably understand how horrifying they can be for a thinking person. At least during the first instances. There are ways to control them and stay conscious and in control.

I haven’t been able to yet. They’ve evolved into what I can only refer to ask multiple levels of inception (fuck that movie).

What’s worse is I’m a philosopher so my mind immediately goes to discussions on dreams. Such as, naturally, Descartes’ mediations, Hobbes’, and countless others. This has also been a favorite discussion with Matrix-esque believers and, it seems, many psychedelic drug users.

The mind is an amazing thing. It constantly regulates trillions of bodily functions without any conscious action from ourselves. It morphs, learns, evolves, and is in constant work commanding the body in various functions.

Time can suspend itself to terrifying lengths, all by the mind’s eye (a watched pot never boils), it can reduce a person to a quivering mass of anxiety, or simple drive one to hallucinations in their waking hours or, just plain “insane” ( I hate that word) and unable to function in society.

What are your experiences with dreams? Thoughts? Reflections?


7 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. it happened to me more than once that I would be dreaming, then I wake up -usually holding something precious- then I wake up again realizing I woke up in the dream, then I wake up again.. I reach a point of knowing I’m asleep, then not trusting myself, then I somehow assure myself that I’m not dreaming -again holding that precious thing- yet I finally wake up disappointed that it was all one dream with multiple levels. one time the levels reached the number of Eight.

    • That sounds awfully mind-boggling… 8 levels??

      I’ve used precious items, or grounding totems when I truly awake. I get very paranoid of everything around me until I am certain I am awake.

      Would love to hear any more reflections you have. Thanks for stopping by!

      • you’re welcome 🙂
        my dreams are a weird area for me because they are psychedelic mostly, and when there are nightmares they are far from the normal horror type 😀 I try to write my dreams into poems sometimes, you would find some psycho writings on my blog.

  2. I have had some experience with sleep paralysis in the past – ugh.

    My biggest problem with dreams at the moment is that I wake up and remain confused between what is dream and what is reality for some time, like, hours. I have a recurring dream which offers an alternate past for me, and I’ll spend half the morning believing that was my past, instead of the real one.

    • Wow. I’ve had that… But never put words to it!!

      It must have meaning…. What is our brain telling us?

      related but random question: do you keep a dream journal? I’ve heard they help,but don’t personally do it.

      • I don’t, because my dreams have always been incredibly detailed. For example, I’m a Doctor Who fan – have been since a child. If I dream an episode, I’ll not just dream the storyline, but I’ll know the geology, sociology, history and politics of the planet the story’s set on. I’ll know each character’s backstory, what they’re wearing in each “scene”, what they ate for breakfast … it’s too much!

        So I don’t write them down. Dreams I think are good for therapy I’ll perhaps write down a couple of “sketch words” – broad brushstrokes – and use those as a prompt to start talking about in therapy, adding only the details as they seem pertinent.

        Yes, there must be a word for those persistent dreams. I wonder what it is?

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