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I used to hear this exhortation often. Whenever a big decisions (or even small ones) came around, it was encouraged to pray first. Some, I suppose, have converted this to a “think” first concept, or “meditate on it” if you will.


I suppose it’s because of the reality of the polarity of our own thoughts. As if two people are taking, one taking each side, but both being us (unless, of course, you believe one is God). The admonition to wait/meditate/pray, therefore, must be so that one can discern the “right” decision.

But I’m unsure, is there ever a right choice? This isn’t an ethics question, but a subjective one. Choices concerning our lives are ours alone, and surely deep down we know what we want. What will bring the most joy both immediate and long term. So why do we deliberate.

Carpe diem. Right? If a choice brings bad consequences, at least motion was made. Change. Isn’t stagnancy abhorrent?

Or do I have it all wrong, and it’s wise and careful discernment and “looking before you leap”?

What do you think? What method do you tend to take? Which do you think is more beneficial? Or is it even that cut and dry? Perhaps it’s situational?


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. While thought before action is not a thing to be avoided it’s also not a concept that needs to be set in stone. There is just as much credence in the “fuck it” way of deciding things. Both have the exact same chance of being right. Your thoughts or judgements on something have LITERALLY 0 influence on if the decision will actually come out favorable to you.

    Your choices are half chance, so are everyone else’s – Baz lurman

    • I was thinking of that after I posted this. Before I wrote it, I was thinking of posting in a way that said my way of choosing: seize the day! was somehow best. Then I thought well… maybe not.

      Now, it’s clear everyone has their own ways.

      And that video… was it you who first shared it with me?? I think so… either way, it’s awesome. Thank you for the reminder. ❤

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