Money the root of evil


It’s an old adage that we know best from the Christian scriptures: Money is the root of all evil. Doubtful, that it truly is the single root of all evil…. However something in it does ring true.

I’ve been busting my ass the past few weeks pulling twelve hour work days, hustling two jobs. Loving one, hating the other and ending my day unhappy. The bills don’t stop coming. Knock out one, another pops up. My medical bills alone from the last hospital stay quickly brought me into a downward jaded spiral of seeing nothing but green. Nothing has been enough for me.

Finally. Here I am writing again. Just the act of typing and engaging my mind brings me more joy than I’ve had in weeks.

Why? Because money isn’t everything. It buys stuff, and can buy a lot of happiness, sure. But for me, it’s not my life purpose. It’s a means to an end. If it becomes my purpose, it will never be enough, as it hasn’t these past weeks.

How silly.

But that’s me. What are your thoughts? Worked hard, so screw the penny… Want a nickel for em? 😉


9 thoughts on “Money the root of evil

  1. That’s alright, we no longer use the penny up here in Canada!

    Not really much in the way of thoughts from me tonight, but here’s to you getting caught up with things so those dollar signs stop chasing you!

    • Oh, right. I forget that. 😉 The phrase still has some meaning, but probably awfully devalued through a Canadian eye? Lol

      I hear ya. Dropping by and reading is just as awesome to me. Thanks!

      • That’s actually the first I’ve thought of how that phrase might lose its meaning now without pennies! The kids will be so confused! Though, it is nice not having to bother with all that extra change in the ol’ wallet!

      • Phrases have the tendency of losing their literal meaning. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” comes to mind. I spent so many years wondering what the hell that even meant because we no longer throw bath water out.

        The metaphorical meaning tends to last longer than the literal though. Plus, their just poetically enjoyable. 😛 I do wish America would follow suit with the pennies though, too. Like you said, just too much useless bulk. Not like their even copper anymore anyway.

  2. See!? and writing is free! hell you can make money doing it and it’s way more fun the hustling overpriced noodles and babysitting co-workers. I love cooking though and love my job because it does buy me cool shit.

  3. I thought it was the LOVE of money that was the root of all evil? I think it’s separation from moral order that is the root of all evil. When we say something is evil or wrong, we implicitly suggest that there is a way in which things ought to be, a moral order. Let’s not get into ethics though. Those conversations always go to shit.

    I don’t think money can buy happiness, it’s the fulfillment of goals that does that, but money sure can make for some good times. Nice to see a blog from you :-).

    • Damn it! Yes…. Love of… Blast it. Brain fart. :/

      Ethics. Yes. But you did raise it as the root of evil…. Then again, I started it by using the very word evil. All in all, I do not think money to be the root of ALL evil. Or… Maybe what money represents? Hmm….

      Money can buy some form of happiness. 😛 Just not all kinds. Most come free. Like blogging!! Yay!!

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