Playing Your Hand

bad hand

Before typing this thought, I need to give respectful credit of where I read my best example of this metaphor:
whose book I reviewed here:
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Now that that is done.

The metaphor is a brilliant one, and something I often forget. Life is, at times, truly like a Poker game in that you are given but one hand. There is no trading, and who knows if you’ll get another round? Only the dealer knows (and who the hell is s/he? You don’t know the dealer. No one does. Just this ominous neutral party who throws you cards at random. Run with THAT metaphor however you see fit).

So, you’re handed a shit hand. Gonna sit and whine about it or do something with it? Yeah, you could bluff and fight and scrape your way through. And yeah, you could put all in and lose all. But facts are, you have a shit hand. It’s your choice if you want to shoot for the win or sit back and take your loss.

This has been the fuel of my personal thoughts and meditations. The life I was born into did not give me much to go on. If anything, it fucked me up pretty bad. Yeah, my folks did the best they could but I don’t blame them. I blame no one. I can’t, what good would it do? Whining and hiding this reality has gotten me nowhere. I haven’t been able to progress anywhere in my life until I accepted the facts and did what I could with it. I have to work with what I have.

Luckily, the fact that the converse of what I am trying to do is a reality is quite an encouragement: people with perfect hands lose as well. People born into stability, connections, recognition, and the like… they lose the game too. T

So with the facts lined up, it’s quite obvious that the hand isn’t to blame. It’s the one playing them.

But hell, what do you think? Am I wrong? Too hopeful? Is the metaphor too much of a stretch or does it fit?



(P.S. If someone can advise me as to why the “link” option on posts is not working on my WordPress… that would be lovely)


9 thoughts on “Playing Your Hand

      • Yes, it’s a sad thing, learning to play the game is all we can do. No matter how badly we play we get to still keep playing. We only get good at it by playing and trying.

  1. I think it’s a fundamental truth, and one many people take time to grasp: you have to start where you are in life, i.e. acknowledge the hand you’ve been dealt (using your metaphor) with all its positives and negatives, and go from there. Radical acceptance of your situation, if you like!

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