Willfull Apathy


I write about willful ignorance a lot, but I think that ignorance can be melted down to a worse evil: apathy. The tag of “willful” is necessary, however, as we are all apathetic to certain causes. We can not bear all the injustice in the world, we are but one person in our individuality. What makes us unique are our individual causes. Together we fight the evils of this world.

I encounter this willful apathy on a daily basis as a waitress. I don’t write often about my day job although I could (the stories we encounter are far too entertaining), if you want more stories about serving and our adventures, I would recommend checking out


So yeah, waitressing. In the area of the world I live, being “stiffed” ($0 tip) is a norm. I have worked in Queens, NY and Albany, NY (the two capital areas of the state) and have not been treated as poorly as I have here.

Now what I mean to point out here is not the common courtesy of tipping your servers, but of willful apathy as a conscious choice. It’s an attitude more than a “I just can’t right now,” which is a wise consideration of both ones resources and ones need to not be worn thing.

I am having a hard time coming up with more examples other than my every day personal. There is a degree of willful apathy in those who ask for their servers personal stories of why they are waiting tables (college kid, single mom, double or third jobbing young adult) and then smile, thank them for their service and say they were wonderful, and leave them nothing (which in most cases, leaves the server to pay for their meal through tip outs).

But, I get the sensation that I’m merely reacting off of experience and judging.

Am I? Is there such an evil as willful apathy or is apathy a necessity to protect ones emotions and stability? Must we be empathic at all?



5 thoughts on “Willfull Apathy

  1. idk, I think I’ve encountered similar behavior. Like coworkers who willfully believe putting forth an extra 10% effort to help out a team member won’t make a shift run better for everyone. I used to think that type of thinking was selfish, then later I thought it might be more insidious, but now I’m leaning more towards apathetic.

    • Sounds like favoritism mixed with apathy. 😦 I faced a lot of that myself today, too.

      It certainly is a horrible thing when someone does not work for the whole team… I feel you on that.

      Good thought. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. There most certainly is, and probably always has been, a lot of willful apathy in the world. We’re seeing it in Australia at the moment as the conservative Abbott government has brought down its first budget, attacking Australia’s enviable education and medical systems; as always, those most affected will be the least able to bear the cost. In a side note, Prime Minister Abbott’s daughter was offered a $60k scholarship to a design school, after no discernible selection criteria or due process. Have just signed a petition inviting the same school to offer similar scholarships to those unable to afford tertiary education. *sigh*

    • Oh wow! That sounds horrid… 😦 I hope they can stay consciousness of those who need… I just never understand how systems a come to be built that cut out the needy…

      • Yes. This lot broke a whole heap of election promises in their budget, which naturally is causing their ratings to plummet in the polls. I just hope the electorate remembers come next election! They would most certainly not have got in, running a platform like the one they’ve implemented, not with universal voting like we have here in Oz.

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