You think too much

ATTN Followers: Personal friend and fellow thinker. I’ve been trying to push him to start blogging his thoughts and philosophical musings.
As such, please go share your Penny’s worth thoughts with him. If you will.

mistavega's Blog

You think too much. The dreadful folk expression that ignites my insides with a sustained and lingering bitterness, like a crude after taste from some shitty diet beverage . I’m hearing this so called critique way too often. On more then several occasions people have a accused me of it, so it’s only fitting I give it a comprehensive analysis.

I wonder if they even know what they’re talking about. Certainly we’re all constantly thinking, otherwise we would be dead. What do they mean by that expression? Are they referring to frequency of thoughts or perhaps the duration of a sustained thought? I think what they mean is something far more specific, which is thinking thought that aims is to explicate some proposition. That is the thoughts that goal is to figure some states of affairs out conceptually.

Here’s the crux of the issue. I think that a thinking person…

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