Ethical Mandate

don't be a dick

As I walk through the path of seeking wisdom, I recite this mandate as one of my core ethical truths. To me, it transcends issues of religion, politics, sexuality, and just about anything. All I care about is whether one is an asshole, or not.

The further I travel down life’s paths, the more I see instances where I broke my own mandate. Due to one of my other ethical mandate against willful ignorance, it causes me such emotional turmoil that I feel physically ill.

Side point, I can not fathom how someone can be willfully ignorant enough to cause someone pain (thus, be a dick) and not wish to remedy the pain with at least an apology and inner acceptance of their evil done onto another.

I know of few ethical mandates to which I hold as closely as this.

Your thoughts? Is it a justified ethical mandate?


6 thoughts on “Ethical Mandate

  1. Yes, it is. However, the more self-aware we become, the more aware we are of any instances when we are being dicks, so as well as fostering our capacity to avoid dick-like behaviour we need to foster self-compassion and understanding of our own motivations (as you say, often ignorant rather than malignant) and frailties. Make sense?

    PS dick = penis over here, probably over there too, so I’m (a) channelling my inner 12-year-old boy and sniggering (b) reminded of the episode of “Elementary” which aired here Sunday evening, in which Sherlock successfully rehabilitated two fighting cocks. aaa

    Mature woman sniggering … someone’s stressed! 🙂

    • That makes sense. Thank you for that. =) It was ignorance in my case, and not intentional. May not help him, but it does help me a little bit to know that I wasn’t being intentionally evil and am still a good person. Thank you for sharing that thought!!

      Yes, it equals penis here too. But also means “jerk, asshole.” Funny enough, “dick” in that context is not censored in our music and radio, but is censored when referring to a penis. Odd.

      Bwahahaha! That just reminded me of one of Brad and I’s inside jokes: he jokes about wanting to buy a rooster so that he can wake up and yell “THERE’S A COCK IN THE WINDOW” with an inappropriate emphasis on the word “cock.” I laugh like a little school girl ever damn time. 😛

      Laughter is one of life’s greatest medicines. 🙂

      • Found it:

        Dr. Joan Watson: I don’t care which cock I’m holding, I just want to know how it got there.
        [Holmes smirks]
        Dr. Joan Watson: Okay, congratulations, you got me to say it.
        Sherlock Holmes: I don’t know if you’ve settled on an epitaph yet, but it does occur to me that that would look fantastic on a tombstone.

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