Moms are human

Today I reflect on the humanity of mothers. A saying is often thrown around how “mothers are sacred,” but “sacred” isn’t a word we use outside of religious contexts and can be a difficult word to understand completely. So, instead, I see it as more appropriate to see our moms as human. Like us.

Actually, the same as us.

Too many of us, myself included, wallow in the wrongs our mothers did to us. Perhaps they did drugs, perhaps they didn’t/couldn’t stop our abuse be it from the father or other, perhaps they just didn’t raise you how you would’ve wanted and you think you can do better.

That reality is why I posted the above video. I posted it because despite the above reality, we all come to a point in our humanity where we realize that we all make mistakes. Yes, our parents were the largest nurturing factor to our creation as a human being, and sure we may deal with a lot of fucked up shit because of what they did or did not do. The fact is, they are human and if we do not forgive them, we will end up doing the same to our children.

The video above shows depicts an artist, and a fellow man, who did what many of us do: Throw in our mothers face their mistakes. Get angry at her. Tell her off. Whatever. Then, like the above, we all grow up and come to see that our mom is still our mom, and she tried her darndest. Or, she didn’t try… but what happened to her to cause her to neglect you? Did her S.O. leave her? Think about it. There were reasons, she didn’t neglect you because she hated you.

Penny for your Thoughts? A nickel if you will call your estranged mother today… would it help? Or is the pain too unbearable for any amount to alleviate it?


2 thoughts on “Moms are human

  1. I think it’s too bad so many people can’t have a good relationship with their families. My parents weren’t perfect. They made a lot of mistakes, but I wouldn’t give up my relationship with them. I know a lot of people aren’t as lucky as me: having the relationship is actually more harmful than good. Hopefully those people who can’t have a good relationship with their mothers can have better relationships with their own children.

    • Agreed.

      I was one of those people who didn’t have a relationship with my parents for a long time. I did the whole rebellious teen thing, then the run away “I’m an adult I don’t need you!” thing. Then I did the whole “yeah, I don’t know shit” phase where one comes running back to their parents with forgiveness and humility.

      Life’s a trip sometimes… 😉 I just try to spread the wisdom and experience if I can, knowing many people are probably still in the runaway phase, or anger phase. And it’s all ok, we all learn. Just… reconciliation feels so good. Even if it must be done at a distance, for those who had abusive realities growing up.

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