Why there are no stupid questions


Why are there never any stupid questions?

1. Because “stupid” is a negative judgement, not fact. And, well, just plain mean. (Although, you are surely entitled to believe it, just as I am to see it as mean…)


2. If a person asked you, they are seeking your answer. If that does not humble you, then at least respect the humble stance a questioner takes in so raising the question and then bringing it to you.

If one treats a question as stupid, with this understanding, one can demolish the individual if not yet strong enough to bear disgrace and humiliation, which many, not all but many, questioners are.

Especially… Our children.

So, no, there are no stupid questions.

Penny for your Thoughts?

Penny for your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Why there are no stupid questions

  1. I don’t know. In what must surely be a category error these might qualify:

    Are you really going to wear _that_?

    Are you going to eat those tater tots?

    Who does _she_ think _she_ is?

    Friend answers: Oh, hello. How did you know I was at the mall?

    Friend is walking around, talking on cell phone while frantically looking for something. Friend turns to me and says: Have you seen my cell phone, I can’t find it anywhere.

    there are more.

    • What I find helps is to try to find the cause or intention behind the question, and remove as much judgment as possible.

      Insight, wisdom, and patience can be key.

      Example: “have you seen my phone”
      Nonjudgmental reaction: “we’re all so caught in the moment sometimes that we’re hyperforgetful to the point of what can be seen as sillyness.”

      Rather than lashing out on someone and making them feel stupid, being wise and patient in the moment.

  2. Because I can be a smart arse, I’m trying to come up with a stupid question. How about: “So, like, do you think this shade of blonde makes my eyes sparkle better than that one?” OK, OK, politically incorrect 😉

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