I fell into a medical pit-fall. Since then, communication has been hard. The meds I am on causes shaking, stuttering, and a horrible lisp. Typing, with the shaking is a chore that drains.

However, it has pushed my mind in to contemplating language and its complexities. I use one word sometimes right now to communicate thing: “cold!” meaning ” I am currently cold, can you please roll up the car window and turn on the heat.” Fascinating and slightly codependent of us in that my husband understands my one word use of language.

Alas, I exhaust myself but would love to open the discussion with an added query into: nonverbal communication.

My last few pennies while I am off work, I would give gratefully for your thoughts!


12 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Hope you recover quickly from that which ails you! Glad you are embracing the new perspective your condition has allowed you to see.

    Simplistic communication is something that I am becoming increasingly mindful of in my desires to connect more deeply with people in Korea. It is definitely a challenge to cut down on English’s more nuanced words and cultural phrases to ensure good communication.

    • Thank you for the well wishes. I am improving rapidly, which is fantastic. Guess wishing helps! 😉

      Interesting situation and perspective you have… I’m intrigued!

  2. Language is over used and much abused. In truth, one word communications is very efficient and quite common through out the world. The phrase ‘going with?’ says nothing without context. Animals communicate only in context. Right now, this very minute they are annoyed or happy so the same sounds with their tongues mean different things at different times within the context of that moment. I’ve learned to talk with my dog using this framework. If your husband understands you then it is not silly, rather it is very efficient communications. Given time, you could reduce it to gestures mostly. Eloquence is not the ultimate goal, but communicating an idea. Efficient communication does not require many words. As you are suffering, the brain will conserve energy and this makes sense. Consider yourself fortunate to have this level of communication with your husband.

  3. I love non-verbal communication, because people communicate so much to me non-verbally without even meaning to. The things they say tell me what kind of person they want me to think they are, but their non-verbal communication often tells me what kind of person they really are.

    • Good thoughts. I agree with you completely. It can be really awesome to observe, and be able to “read” what is being communicated.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I think it was in the Christmas Special a few years ago that one of the Doctor’s companions said that human words were lies 🙂
    Have you read anything about right brain to right brain communication? It’s fascinating. Non-verbal communication at its peak!

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