5 minutes to live


I awoke suddenly this morning, slight headache reminding me of last night’s drinks, with one inspiring question: “What if you knew you were to die 5 minutes from now?” I wrapped my arms around my husband, kissed his back, breathed in, and let go. At that moment, at that ungodly time in the morning, that was the most truest thing I could be doing.

As I lay awake, and the 5 minutes passed, I began to mentally apply that same feeling of truth to every situation in life and quickly saw how much lack of true self had been in my actions and speech. From work, to in the line at the supermarket, too much was filled with falsehoods and lies.

There was no need to walk this hypothetical down into months, years, or decades… for the truth was apparent. I am dying. We all are. I for one, have left things undone, unsaid, unshared, unfelt, untasted, unseen, and unaccomplished. The realization/acceptance has created a great urgency in me to patch myself up anew and genuine.

In any life situation, with any person, what is the most truest thing to do? Would you deny love if it offered itself? Would you fake a smile? Would you tell a lie? Would you procrastinate?

So, why are you now?

Answer yourself, if not this post. But I will gladly pay you a penny for your inner thoughts, if you would be so generous to share them with me for so low a price. Perhaps we could learn to live, and die, together.


8 thoughts on “5 minutes to live

  1. Depending on the situation, 5 minutes left to live is 5 minutes more to try to figure out how to survive longer. Otherwise, attempt to get a hold of my parents and significant other, thank them for all that they’ve been in my life and then accept my fate. Not much you can really do in 5 minutes, and I feel I am living my life to the best of my ability as it is.

    • Thank you for the response and thought.

      Yep, 5 minutes isn’t long at all, which is why I thought in those terms. Not much that can get done. This is why it enlightened me to handle all those things that need to be done and said that haven’t been, so that when that 5 mins comes, I can rest free. Ya know?

      Anyway, great response. Just my thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. In last five minutes of my life, all the burden I have on my head I will put them aside and Love myself and makes some beautiful moments and pray to god,…

    • I’ve realized similar concerning burdens. Since then, I’m taking action to remove them now. Ya know? Love the making beautiful moments addition. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and as always thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • Well, it’s the ”classic” from when nuclear war was imminent, isn’t it?
        “What would you do if you heard the siren for the Five Minute Warning.
        And the usual answers is ..well, we know what the response is, yes, and I defy anyone to get from start finish in five minutes.
        Dammit, knowing my luck my trouser belt would get stuck.

  3. It makes me think of a movie, which actually is the remake of another movie. I am referring to DOA starring Dennis Quaid. The protagonist gets poisoned and he wants to know who did it and, somehow of course, why.
    I guess I would do the same things he does in the movie. The elliptical moments would be my true life. The only problem is that the character in the film had no precise deadline. Something like 24-48 hours. Five minutes is too little a time to do anything. I can smile as a final dedication to myself, as well communicated by Asking Alexandria’s Final Dedication.

    Stefano Libey

    STEFANOLIBEY | a philosophical pad

    RE-THINK NOW | towards a together knowledge

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