While discussing the meaning of life with bloggers and friends, this video experiment came to my attention. I watched it amidst the all encompassing big questions of life and meaning, carefully observing and soaking in the raw human experience.

There is something beautiful in consensual non-sexual intimacy. Could it be there is also something evil in our (American? Anglo? Judeo-Christian? who is “our”?), thought that intimacy should be limited? In the culture I live in, at least, experiencing our fellow human with any other sense other than sight is extremely limited. We shake hands in professional encounters, but everything else is deemed inappropriate or uncomfortable.

In classical philosophical discussions on love and intimacy, there is found hardly a trace of our concept of romanticism and monogamy. Socrates and many other philosophers were married with children, but also would have a young boy they shared an intimate relationship with. The sexual interactions aside, it was seen and accepted largely as a mentor-disciple type exchange with the elder imparting himself into the acolyte.

Judeo-Christian understanding, at least, seems to have interpreted and encourage this type of imparting of the self as something only properly expressed through child-rearing and creating. Why is this so? Life, knowledge, wisdom, and experience are all surely more broad then this understanding. A child is naught the only fruit of an intimate exchange. “Intimate,” furthermore, is hardly sexual in nature alone. Why do we shirk from the word in other contexts?

I find my mine reeling with thoughts difficult to put into words. The above has most likely hardly done any of this justice. But this is why communication is key, and exchange with fellow humans paramount.

How do you understand intimacy? Does the above video make you uncomfortable, or smile? Do you see it as sexual, or other? What does it communicate?

How does all of this fit into the meaning of life? Or anything?

A penny for your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Intimacy

  1. When I first saw that video I wondered if any of them decided to stay connected beyond the shoot! I liked the thoughtfulness in approach that most took – even though they knew what they were all there for, they still approached it delicately to be sure of the comfort of their kissing companion. Much can be said by not saying much at all!


    If that is not enough, consider the polyamorous among us – there might be one near you now.

    Now consider this: Why should you be incapable of loving more than one person? For what reasons would that make sense? Are you certain that monogamy would achieve those things? Is cheating only possible in monogamous relationships? Does loving two or more people really diminish your love for any single person among them?

    If you had a high school love but parted ways after graduation then got married later to someone else… can you say you don’t still love that previous lover?

    Is it healthy to deny feelings of any kind?

    Finally, why would love be wrong?

    • I’m rendered speechless. The sheer wisdom in such a biological/psychological comparison is beyond perfect. I’m enthralled.

      These are all excellent questions, to which I have no answers. The questions seem more pure than any answer I could provide.

      I shall think on these things.

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