The “O” Word

Shh...  it's taboo!

Shh… it’s taboo!

Nope, not that one. I’m actually going to be talking about the other “O” word, the one that is fuel for online debates, Facebook flame wars, and the breaking up of friendships:


Try as I may to engage in peaceful, curious, level-headed discussion with individuals on this topic, it goes nowhere. I’ve tried offering a “convince me I’m wrong” challenge, I’ve tried honestly engaging people on their political meme posts, and I’ve had long discussions with people at work over my observations. Usually, it ends nowhere and before we can come to a mutual understanding the other party withdraws from the discussion.

I am an Obamacare supporter because I am Obamacare: I am one of the many it has helped. And before you go directly to the “I’ll give you my penny’s worth thoughts” down below, allow me to offer a succinct explanation of why I feel this way:

The basis of what the Affordable Care Act is, is to broaden the market on healthcare to include more individuals than it previously did. It expands the marketplace to include individuals with pre-existing conditions, and offers subsidies for more lower income brackets.

I fall in the former group. Before Obama-care, I was not insurable. I had the money to pay for premiums just fine, but I was denied on the basis of something I will have for the rest of my life and need treatment for. It’s very manageable with treatment, but without it could and does wreak havoc. To keep myself healthy and functioning, I was paying out of pocket for my monthly health care twice what I am paying now for my premiums, and the care I did get was the sub-par “she’s not insured” type where you never see the same Doctor at the clinic twice.

This is where I offer my challenge to the anti-Obamacare crowd: What is the problem with this?

These are the biggest complaints I have heard, and the most confusing to me:

  1. But I don’t want it and Obama is forcing me to buy what I do not want.
  2. Obama promised none would lose their insurance, yet many received cancellation notices.

1. Granted, but this is not how a functioning society works. It’s a socialist (the “s” word, *gasp!* Yes, I said it) structure that works for everyone. It’s something we all buy in to, and some will reap the benefits more than others. We all buy in, through our taxes, for our police force, our streets, our education systems, etc. Some pay more because they earn more, some pay less because they earn less, but we all have our streets fixed and we all have a say in a democratic system. But you do not have a choice to simply not pay, you do have a choice to try to change it if you wish by making propositions and making your voice heard when bills, laws, and legislature are put into place. But… we don’t do that, do we? Facebook statuses will suffice.

I digress…

2. This one has nothing to do with Obamacare, or its laws, and everything to do back-stabbing insurance companies. You can tell a child to not eat the cookie, but if s/he does is it the child’s fault or the parent’s? We can not always control other’s actions, and rebellion will always take place. Another example, we have a law against killing but that doesn’t mean people do not murder. The law doesn’t prevent it, only punishes those who break it. It’s a little absurd to believe otherwise.

There are more points, but I do not believe anything will be learned from reading a post, it never does. Articles have been out there for quite some time, it is your choice to read.

However, I encourage engagement, so respond with your opposite, and I will reply and we can discuss.

You may want more than a Penny for your thoughts, but go for it. I’ll wager. We can reach a mutual understanding I hope?


2 thoughts on “The “O” Word

  1. Glad to know the ACA helped you out! The end of the “pre-existing condition” garbage might be the single biggest piece of good that was done by the law.

    • Thanks!

      It’s definitely something I simply don’t understand opposers don’t recognize, the whole pre-existing condition reality. They usually just exit the discussion when I bring it up.

      Anyways, thanks for taking the time to reply! I suppose no one else wanted to get involved, as usual.

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