Apathy and Hypocrisy


I used to hear sermons against hypocrisy often on Sunday morning, but it does not seem to be something spoken often about in secular circles unless it is concerning politics.

It has been something on my mind very frequently lately. I can boil it down to a simple conceptual understanding of it:

1. What do I feel strongly about/ What do I believe is wrong?
2. What am I doing about it?

The later part of 1. tends to be much longer for people. One can even gently prod a person with specific questions, “Do you think this is wrong…” I suppose, we can brush off 2. with an “I am only 1 person.” Which is true. One can hold that there are many evils in the world that need to be eradicated, but one also has but a short life span to help eradicate such things.

I tend to be an optimistic in such things. I simply refuse to believe that the evils in our world ( ex. starvation, sex trades) will forever remain and there is naught we can do about it. If this is true, then I don’t see much point in continuing to live my life as such a disgusting species. I have hope that we can change things.

Do you? What would you like seen changed in your lifetime? What evil or maltreatment is occurring in our world today that you want stopped? What can we do about it?

A penny for your thoughts? A Nickel for your action…? Or, perhaps we can just graft a joint venture to change, and share the benefits?


One thought on “Apathy and Hypocrisy

  1. Among the greater ‘evils’ of the world is the fact that so many humans sit around with their eyes closed and hands folded while they pretend to do something about the evils in the world. I’d get rid of that practice, exchanging it for one where hands get dirty and children get fed.

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