Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate

bill nye

I am sure there will be much discussion concerning this across the internet for days to come. But seeing as my blog is all about sharing thoughts, I’ll be watching this tonight and sharing my own follow up opinion in a post.

However, if any followers are also watching, feel free to share here as we go along so we may, hopefully, build a synthesis of understanding through discussion.

Watch here: or on the live HD youtube channel.


12 thoughts on “Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate

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  2. Sorry I’m late to this. I only just finished watching the debate last weekend. I wrote a whole blog post to explain (at least one reason) why Ham’s confusion and ignorance was able to win against Nye’s clarity and reason (link to follow), but the upshot is that Nye failed to explain the difference between the sort of reasonable carefully scrutinized assumptions that Science makes, and the crazy and arbitrary “ASS-umptions” made by Ken Ham et al.
    Ham kept beating his “Science makes assumptions, lots of assumptions” drum, over and over and Nye completely missed out on the opportunity to throw him straight to the mat on this point.
    It was frustrating to see Nye completely ignore this opportunity. He probably made other mistakes too, but if he hadn’t made this one he might have done a much better job than he did.
    If you would like more details about this, here is the link to my post:

    • I noticed that blog you made and I’ll have to check in on it! Thank you for reminding me to. You have an interesting perspective on the debate.

      I often find a disconnect amongst the scientific community with philosophy. Some of my most favorite scientific and atheist writers have even outright called it an archaic and useless trade. They fail to see how much philosophical thinking has contributed, and you are right in saying that Nye did gloss over some of the very real philosophical issues with observational epistemology.

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