This picture is dedicated to Sophie Greenberg and David Rodriguez, who were immediately saddened by the initial photo included with this blog. May this happy dog continually frolick in the fields of your heart.  And to Paula Thompson

This picture is dedicated to Sophie Greenberg and David Rodriguez, who were immediately saddened by the initial photo included with this blog. May this happy dog continually frolic in the fields of your heart. And to Paula Thompson, who helped me see that compassion is best instilled through seeing love, and not evil.

** Disturbing Content for Pet-Lovers in Link——> Man accused of … his cat

There is an evil on planet Earth that is mostly understood by the fellow person as purposefully and methodically inflicted pain for an extended or brief amount of time; or torture. Most people understand this concept as something that can both be conceptually applicable to humans and animals, excluding from plants and insects slow destruction until death the designation of “torture.”

Not all humans share in this empathy towards animals to the extent of Vegetarian or Veganism, as I do, but many do towards pets. I do not intend to persuade anyone into a meatless life by no means, as that was my journey to walk, and we all walk our own. However, the ethics of animal cruelty begs discussion.

Where does this lie along the hierarchical ethics (if there is such a thing)? Many meat eaters will cringe at the desperate cries of pain from any living creature, and revolt at the site of one methodically inflicting pain thereupon. Many more are mortified at the same done towards a cat or dog.

We oft shirk at the contemplation of humanity’s dark corners, fearing on-setting depressive states or hopelessness, but the truth is they exist. What implications does the existence of torture have on ethics, and certainly, ethics of Religion? Does it hurt the discussion of omni-benevolence to permit torture to exist at all? What does it say of humanity to be capable of such? Is it but an illness and a mental disease to be able to torture, or does it say more about us?

A penny, perhaps more, for your somber thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Cruelty

  1. To intentionally harm others requires that you temporarily (or longer) have a loss of empathy toward that being. Such is neither good nor bad as we need to do so at times… protection and survival etc. To do so for entertainment requires a different set of thoughts than is considered normal… or is it?

    Is pain ”only” the physical form? Do school bullies inflict torture? Do fans of sport inflict torture? Do blood sport enthusiasts inflict torture? Do … you get the picture. We are a violent species capable of what seem to be the most horrendous acts in view of a feeling that life is sacred or sacrosanct. It’s little wonder that our imaginary gods would be capable of it as well.

    If life is not sacred, what matter is it then that someone would be tortured or harmed on purpose? Do we fret when we swat flies? The questions beg we answer ‘what value has life’ to justify supporting life at all, never mind worry over it’s loss or quality. To understand the value of torture or its place in our discourse I believe it necessary to begin with the question “What is the value of life?” and then worry about whether it is lost or tortured.

    Are we better off to sacrifice the virgin or the scapegoat, or should all life be valued equally? What of pests and those we eat? What value is life when death is the requirement for survival?

  2. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

    • How kind of you to say!! Thank you, Gede Prama. =) I look forward to any future exchanges we may end up having. I hope that they are inspiring to both of us, as well as to any who passing through, witness.

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