Ancients Among Us


Bless you, Evelyn Kottman. You are too amazing for me not to fear you are a troll. If you are, I will find you, and I will destroy you. If you are not – you have done what my heart of hearts has dreamed would become of the internet. You are my absolute hero, bless you.

1930, Birdseye frozen veggies becomes the very first frozen food to hit the shelves in America.
1931 America, 25% of the population was unemployed.
1946 the bikini was introduced, but prudishly rejected by American culture until the 1960’s.
1947 brings the dawning of commercial television to the public with 13 channels to choose from.

TODAY – Current rate of unemployment falls around 7%. Convenience food is no longer a convenient modern marvel, but increasingly being seen as unhealthy with Raw and Organics trending. In NYC, it is legal for a woman to walk topless if they so choose (and they do), and throughout the world are increasingly having equal rights as men. Thirteen channels would drive the modern adult insane with boredom, with millions of High Definition color videos at our fingertips on our cellular phones.

Born in 1920, a person would now be alive at the ripe age of 94. S/He would have been 17 when television first premiered with its glorious 13 channels. These individuals are amongst us, living time capsules of a history that can see disturbingly archaic to 20-somethings.

Yet, one of the oft expressed regrets of the elderly is: “Missing the chance to ask your Grandparents questions before they die.”

As one who has but one grandparent still living, it terrifies me to have the era from which she lived (which is not the 1920’s, mind you) removed from my immediate contact forever. Yet, in my lifetime, it will be unaccessible to all of us through first-person perspective for all time. In 20 years, there will no longer be a single person who lived their single digits in the Roaring Twenties.

What wisdom is available to us! How quickly it will leave us for the rest of time, with only our books and documentaries to educate us.

An admonishment to all: Seize ahold of the past and learn from it, so we may better enrich our tomorrow for ourselves and our descendants.

Oh, and after I had written this article, this became a thing on Reddit and it seems that all my dreams that I had behind this blog article became true:

“I’m Evelyn. I’m 103 years old and I speak my mind. So ask me anything: love, life, career . . . I’m here to field your most important questions.”

And it is blowing up on reddit with people asking questions, and this individual answering. If this is a troll, I have but one wish for this world: an elderly person, rise up and do this for real because the interchange of wisdom and information is simply amazing.

To the elder readers: A Penny for your stories!? To everyone, your thoughts?


Penny for your thoughts....? Do share them here!

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