medium_3419565232You’re going to die. We’re all going to die.

It’s morbid to think of, but true; albeit, something we oft ignore  or pacify with hopes of a life hereafter. However, unless one believes in a type of reincarnation, our years in this corporeal form is limited. Many fail to realize that we are not even the longest living species on our planet: some plant life is known to be over 1,000 years old. Astonishingly, a curious digging around will show bacteria, and trees living as individuals into the tens of thousands of years.

That should make one’s 120, if lucky, years a drop in the bucket.

I am in my late 20’s, and perhaps far too young to contemplate death so gravely, but I can not help but feel it necessary to enrich and truly take advantage of every moment. For how many have uttered before dying the fatal words “If only I…”

“If only I…”

What could you not bear to have accomplished before dying? It seems the “Bucket List” has become a phrase in our language, rather than a tangible piece of paper with a list of things we must do before passing. Perhaps, we should make one.

What would be on yours? What comes to your mind when you contemplate mortality?

Your thoughts, for a penny?


6 thoughts on “Mortality

  1. That makes me think of this song:

    There won’t be anyone crying at my funeral. The instant that I die my body will get used to save others or train them… no headstone, no ashes, no markers… I’ll leave this life as I came into it… that suits me. If I’m remembered then such things are for those that remember me.

    • I am a huge fucking fan of Sixx am, and am honored.

      I have not thought of my after-death bodily wishes… hm. That is going down on the list of “things to blog about.” I would have to really think about that, because treatment of a body after the person’s death seems to have far too many philosophical (dualistic?) implications for me to offer an immediate response….

      Fantastic comment, got my brain going. 2 pennies for you!

      • I’ve buried grandparents, friends, and I’ll end up burying my parents too. I’m certain that I want no ceremony or remembrance service. Just stop and have a drink and think about me if it concerns you to do so… get on with living, don’t worry about me, I’m not.

  2. I am in my early 20s and I do not think it’s too early to contemplate about death. No age is too early to ponder over death, because death has strange ways. It can hit you when you least expect it.

    I do not have a bucket list though I have a few vague things in my mind which I want to accomplish (eg write a book). But I won’t regret if I don’t accomplish any of them. As persons living in modern civilization, there are so many things we can do; but the truth is we can’t do them all. But that is okay. Life is not about doing everything, it’s about enjoying what you do. So I guess the words “If only I…” are not going to bother me much in future.

    • It really can hit you, can’t it? I had no near death experience, no recent death in the family, just a normal day and WHAM! couldn’t stop thinking about it.

      The feeling of urgency is subsiding, but I don’t want to forget that question, so I’m glad I wrote it down and I’m glad you reminded me of it… the would I hate not having done if I was on my death bed? question. Cause I, neither, have taken the time to write a bucket list. I really need to.

      Is it okay? I feel like it’s sad. I don’t mean to question your comfort, because in actuality I’m jealous that you can feel the way you do! But…. it’s not even accomplishments, it’s experiences… there’s so much wonder, awe, pain, disaster, beauty, etc. in this world to not see it all. How sad that our life is too short to NOT see and experience it all, isn’t it?

      Anyway, I ramble…. a lot…. often…. sorry. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, for following, and commenting. You’re awesome, really. Comments make me think, and I love thinking. A penny for you! Straight to your paypal… lol. Thank you. I will be returning the favor to your blog shortly.

      • There is so much to experience in this world but the truth is, we cannot experience it all. And this hard truth makes you sad, it does. Even if I talk about reading, everyday I come across at least one interesting book which I just have to add to my wishlist as well as so many other magazine and newspaper articles which I save on Instapaper for reading later. And then there are movies and sitcoms and BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series (I am ashamed to say that I am not even through the first season yet) and the things to learn (eg swimming) and the places to visit and the treks to climb and then you have to spend time with your loved ones too. And wait, all this while having a full time day job which makes it possible to do all these things. Phew!

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